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Adjustable Bed Reviews

Jake Comfort  |  Updated: May 1, 2019

It can be hard enough to find the right bed, and finding the right bedframe can be an even tougher challenge. However, finding the perfect adjustable bedframe is another level of difficult.

An adjustable bedframe holds your bed like any other bedframe, but they can also bend and lift at the head and/or foot of the mattress. Many frames have the ability to go both up and down. These items can be essential for people with different medical conditions or those who like to be a bit slanted while they sleep.

In addition to offering head and/or foot mobility, adjustable bedframes also have a host of other features these days. Nearly all adjustable bedframes have some kind of remote control that will let you adjust the bed without getting up. That means you can prop the head of your bed up to watch TV or read, and then recline it back to a sleeping position when you’re ready to fall asleep, all without having to get out of bed and lose the cozy warm spot you’ve been enjoying.

Additionally, many of the adjustable bedframes on the market today offer other luxury features that will appeal to a great many sleepers. Some of the frames available can be set to give you a massage through the bed, others offer different levels of technological connectivity, ranging from charging ports for phones and tablets, outlets for computers and lamps, and much more.

Adjustable bedframes are becoming increasingly popular in this country. In addition to a growing need for those who have to spend more time in bed, or those that have medical conditions that make sleeping with your head or feet at an angle a good idea, lots of people are just starting to enjoy the comfort and convenience that these bed frames offer. Whether you’re trying to make the most out of the space you have in a tiny apartment, or just can’t seem to fall asleep without watching some TV or doing some reading, there’s an adjustable bedframe that fits your needs.

In order to help you get an idea of some of the better adjustable bedframes on the market, we’ve put together this handy chart. You’ll find the company, with notes on the look and functionality of the bed, the price for a Twin XL adjustable bedframe, our rating, and a link to a more in-depth review. Feel free to look through the different options to get a better feel for what benefits an adjustable bedframe can offer you. After all, you might be surprised by how much more affordable and available these kinds of bed frames have become.

Company Notes Price Rating
Purple Modern look with great performance and one of the coolest remote controls on the market $1,499 A+
Loom & Leaf Simple and clean design that offers solid performance when it counts $1,249 A+
Rize Best for those looking for a modern look, offers high-quality performance for high-quality sleep $1,799 A+
Classic Brands Straightforward Design, highly functional, easy on the wallet $533 B+