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Bed Frame Reviews

Now that you’ve got a good idea what mattress you’re getting, or maybe have even already picked one out, it’s time to think about where that mattress will go. After all, a mattress by itself does not make a bed.

There are plenty of options when it comes to bed frames these days, and they come in all different shapes and styles. A lot of bed frames use a modern, minimalistic approach to design, although there are still many choices for wood and traditional bed frames. Additionally, out of the box bedframes are getting easier to put together all the time, so you can finally get the bedframe of your dreams without having to be a master carpenter!

There are several advantages to getting a new bedframe. The most obvious is having a place to put your bed. A bedframe keeps your bed off the group which can help keep it looking and feeling newer for longer. Additionally, a bedframe is the major design piece in a bedroom, and contributes more to the overall look of a room than any other piece of furniture.

Bedframes also offer more storage, which can be essential for those who are pressed for space for whatever reason. Most frames do this by simply creating a space under the mattress, although there are a few specialized bedframes that include compartments and other storage devices to help you make the most out of the space you have while keeping everything need and tidy.

A good bedframe can also help your bed sleep cooler, as lifting the bed off the ground allows for air to circulate around it more and remove more of the heat that can build up while you’re sleeping. At the same time, the right bedframe can minimize the noise from using the bed, or from getting into or out of the bed. They can also make getting into or out of bed easier by putting it at the perfect height for your body.

With all of these benefits, both for yourself and for your mattress, it makes a lot of sense to ensure that you’ve got the right bedframe for your bed. We’ve assembled a list of some of our favorite bedframes, so check it out and tell us what you think!


Company Materials Notes Price Rating
Purple Steel Sleek modern, minimalistic style, good support, has under bed storage $174 A+
Zinus Steel Bunkie Board design to save space and save on cost $65 A+
Zinus Steel with Wood Slats Minimalist design gives a smooth modern feel, offers superb support $134 A
eLuxury Supply 100% North American Pine Rustic yet minimalist, easy to assemble out of the box $288 A
Loom & Leaf Steel Easy to set up from the box, great value, minimalist, modern design $250 A
Ghostbed 100% wood frame with polyester and radon cover Traditional appearance with long-lasting durability $200 A-
Zinus Steel Minimalistic, simple to set up out of the box, great value $99 B+
Forever Foundations Store More Metro model, made from 100% steel Modern minimalist design, lots of storage and good durability $309 B+