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Best Mattress for Sex

Jake Comfort  |  Updated: July 27, 2019

It’s a question that most people have wondered but very few have done the research on: what is the best mattress for sex? Well we’re here to help you answer that question. We’ve broken down the different ways that you can evaluate the quality of a mattress when it comes to love making, and picked some of the best mattresses for sex to help you get an idea.

It’s important to note that we won’t really be discussing how these mattresses are designed, but it’s important to get an idea of how good a mattress is to sleep on for your particular sleep needs, so if you find one that interests you, be sure to look into our full review.

How We Made Our Choice

It’s important to understand what factors we looked at when determining the best mattress for sex. This guide will give you an idea how we made our decisions and what kind of qualities you should look for in a mattress for sex.


Responsiveness refers to how fast the mattress adjusts to and conforms to your body as you move around. Slow response times mean that the mattress can have awkward lumps and bumps that can get in the way or slow down your actions.

The best mattresses for sex have a fast response time, quickly adjusting to your body and position. Moreover, responsiveness creates a stable surface to do what you do, so it is a large factor in what makes the best mattress for sex.


When we say bounce we’re talking about how a mattress feels when weight or pressure is applied to it. Good bounce will push back against pressure, rather than just soaking up the force applied to it. Bounce is a good quality to evaluate for sex because it can help to create an easy and consistent rhythm that assists your efforts.


While this isn’t a big deal for everyone, there are plenty of people who need to have some discretion when they are having sex. A loud mattress can create uncomfortable situations and put a damper on what you can or are willing to do in bed. Therefore, we favor a quieter mattress when it comes to sexual activities.


Let’s face it, sex is more intense on a mattress than just sleeping. Support systems can wear down and cause the mattress to start underperforming, both in terms of sex and in terms of sleep. Since a mattress is a major purchase, it’s important to get the most value for your hard-earned dollars, and durability is the key to that.

Edge Support

While there are plenty of great sex positions no matter what kind of mattress you have, mattresses with more edge support facilitate more options for positioning and placement. If an edge collapses under pressure that limits the potential it brings to your bedroom.


Finally, comfort is also important for sex. A mattress that crates awkward pressure points can make you want to do something else than have sex, and it can make having sex on certain parts of the mattress difficult or less enjoyable than it should be, so comfort is also a big deal.

Best Mattresses for Sex

We’ve assembled the list of the best mattresses for sex. We’ll update this as we review more mattresses, so make sure to keep checking back so you can be up on the latest and greatest when it comes to the best mattresses for sex.

We’ve also given a broad overview in the table at the bottom which lists each mattress and rates it along the categories we described above so you can have an easy reference chart.

Leesa Mattress

When it comes to sex and sleep, the Leesa is a great choice for most people. It offers a some of the best overall qualities out of all the mattresses we looked at. Moreover, it performs well in every area that we are using to evaluate how good a mattress is for sex.

The Leesa has great bounce and responsiveness. It falls down a bit on edge support, as is common for foam mattresses, but the other qualities it possesses more than makes up for that and, when you consider its price, it’s a great value for money as well!

Brooklyn Bedding

Brooklyn Bedding’s TitanFlex foam is a great product for bounce and pushback. It is one of the closest experiences you can get to sex on an innerspring mattress, helping out with your rhythm and providing maximum enjoyment for minimal effort.

Additionally, the Brooklyn Bedding mattress has better edge support than most of the other mattresses in its category and price range. These combination of qualities, and the low price point on the Brooklyn Bedding mattress make it an excellent choice for sex and sleep alike!

Alexander Hybrid

Nest Bedding is very proud of their work in creating the Alexander Hybrid mattress, and we don’t blame them. It features zoned coil support and layers of memory foam give it a level of comfort and bounce that many mattresses will be hard-pressed to replicate. Most mattresses with this construction cost a few thousand dollars, but you can get a queen-sized Alexander Hybrid for as little as $999.


With its three layers of foam and gel polymer the Purple mattress has unique qualities that make it ideal for sex and great for sleep as well. The impressive polymer gives great bounce and cooling, with some of the fastest response that you’ll see in a foam mattress. Moreover, it sports a sleek, modern look that will help it fit into any bedroom. It’s the mattress of choice if you want bounce but don’t want coils.


Saatva is one of only a few online mattress companies that still uses innerspring construction. However, it takes this construction to the next level by using a coil-on-coil system to produce wonderful bounce and support. Moreover, the Euro-style cover provides an added level of comfort without losing the bounce that helps make the mattress great for sex.


This hybrid mattress uses coil-on-coil innerspring construction combined with high quality foam to produce a surface great for sleeping and sex. The innerspring design means that it has more bounce and edge support than you’d get in an all-foam mattress, and it has one of the best price points in the industry.

Loom & Leaf

Loom & Leaf uses a luxury foam that offers some of the best comfort and cooling around. The bounce and responsiveness are good, setting it apart from other memory foam mattresses. It’s a great all-around mattress that almost everyone will love.


The Helix is unique on this list in that it’s the only mattress that you can customize. It can be great or mediocre when it comes to sex depending on how you ask for it to be constructed. The latex and microcoils go a long way in offering bounce and responsiveness for couples.



Mattress Responsiveness Bounce Noise Durability Edge Comfort Review
Leesa Great Great Great Great Good Great  Review
Brooklyn Bedding Great Great Great Great Good Great  Review
Alexander Hybrid Good Great Good Great Great Great  Review
Purple Great Great Good Great Good Great  Review
Saatva Great Great OK Good Great Great  Review
WinkBeds Great Great OK Great Great Good  Review
Loom & Leaf Good OK Great Great Good Great  Review
Helix Great Good Good Good OK Good  Review

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