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What You Need To Know

Breathable crib mattresses help to prevent suffocation when a baby turns over on their stomach during nap times. These mattresses work due to a special filling that is porous and allows air to flow freely. Others use a 2-part concept – usually a frame and a thin mattress topper that stretches on to the frame, allowing air to circulate through to the baby. These mattresses are extremely valuable to babies at a higher risk of breathing difficulties due to SIDS, premature birth and etc.

The Good

Most of the breathable mattresses on the market are made of organic materials like coconut fiber cores or cotton that hasn’t been bleached or dried. Eucalyptus covers help the infant to stay cool, they prevent itchy rashes, and the pores allow babies to breath normally – even if they flip onto their stomachs during sleep. The mattresses are fully washable and are not treated with chemicals or fire retardant.

These mattresses are designed to keep gaps from forming between the crib and the mattress itself. They are also lightweight, with some weighing less than 7 pounds. This makes them easy to remove for washing and drying. Some even dry up to 50% faster than others. The variety of colors is also great for matching up with a nursery, since most of these are not meant to be used with sheets or bedding.

The Bad

Breathable crib mattresses are pricey. They can range from 200 dollars upwards to over 500 dollars. Most hold a low weight limit, anywhere from 35-65 pounds, making the usefulness of the mattress limited to young children and infants. Also, some of these breathable mattresses can take up to three months to ship. This can be an issue for those requiring a breathable mattress quickly for their newborn. A few of the mattresses have been known to have a plastic smell when they arrive. This is quickly dissipated once the mattress is aired out for a few days. Some reviewers say they will only use the mattress as a ‘topper’ on a regular mattress because it is so thin.


Almost every breathable mattress on the market is made in the USA, recyclable and chemical-free. They are expensive, however the safe sleeping environment they provide could outweigh the costs. Reviews suggests that the mattresses are a good investment.

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