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We have an affiliate relationship with and receive compensation from companies whose products we review on this site. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.
We have an affiliate relationship with and receive compensation from companies whose products we review on this site. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

Diamond Mattress Review

Jake Comfort  |  Updated: January 2024

Jake Comfort  |  Updated: January 2024

We have an affiliate relationship with and receive compensation from companies whose products we review on this site. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

If you’re looking to purchase a new mattress, you might be overwhelmed with the amount of mattress companies on the market. If you’re someone who hasn’t shopped for a mattress in years, you probably don’t realize how much the industry has developed. New companies have entered the market to take advantage of cheaper materials and manufacturing capabilities. It has proven wildly successful for many small business owners.

Many online business owners have been able to adopt a business in model in which they cut costs to reduce the price of new mattresses. Not only do they use cheaper materials, but they also streamline the process to ensure they don’t have to worry about unwanted spending. While this sounds good, sometimes it can have negative consequences – the materials might not be as good, and the customer service department might be worse.

For this reason, many consumers still prefer to work with companies that value certain components of their business. If you want to work with a large mattress manufacturer, you might want to consider Diamond Mattress – they’re one of the oldest mattress companies on the planet. They first started their business in the 1940s, and have steadily grown into a giant within the industry. They produce a wide variety of mattresses and have an extensive customer service team.

In this review, we’re going to look at various Diamond Mattress to see if they’re the right mattress for you. We will first look at four different mattress models and each of their layers. Next, we’ll look at other important factors such as the warranty, return policy, and customer service. Here’s a detailed look at the construction of Diamond mattresses:

Diamond Mattress Reviews
© Diamond
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Diamond strives to use premium-quality materials in all its mattresses to satisfy the needs of its diverse customer base. We understand the importance of a mattress’s construction and how it can make or break a mattress. Poor materials and workmanship often lead to substandard support and comfort. To help you decipher whether a Diamond mattress is right for you, keep reading to learn about the construction of the Grateful, Intention, and Faith Hybrid mattresses as well as the Rally Foam mattress.

Grateful Hybrid Mattress


Top Layer

The Grateful Hybrid mattress comes in three different firmness levels: medium, firm, and plush. At the very top of the mattress, you’ll find a layer of both luxury airflow quilting and breathable stretch-knit fabric. This top layer absorbs the heat released by your body and monitors your temperature throughout the night, ensuring that you stay cool and comfortable. In addition to its temperature-regulating qualities, the top layer of the mattress is also comfortable and certain to make you fall into a deep sleep.

Middle Layer

There are two key layers that make up the middle layer (or core) of the mattress: a layer of gel memory foam and a CERTIPUR-US certified Healthy Comfort layer. The gel memory foam is a shape-shifter – it continuously molds to conform to your body’s shape, prevents motion transfer, and improves your blood circulation. The Healthy Comfort layer is similar – it contours to the shape of your body and provides pressure relief. In addition to its contouring properties, the Healthy Comfort layer also keeps you cool.

Bottom Layer

At the bottom of the mattress, there’s a patented zoned support system. This system boasts a combination of wrapped foils and hyper-conductive foam that provide provides optimal support. Not only does the system conform to the shape of your body, but it also helps regulates the temperature of the mattress’s core. With this bottom support layer, your spine will stay in alignment and you’ll wake up free from any joint or back pain.

Intention Hybrid Mattress


Top Layer

You’ll find that the Intention Hybrid mattress is very similar to the Grateful Hybrid (with a few slight differences, including some in the top layer). The Intention Hybrid has a top layer with CoolTouch Advanced Temperature Regulating Fabric and a luxury quilt. CoolTouch, an advanced cooling technology, uses conductive yarns to expel heat away from your body and regulate your body temperature. The luxury quilt, on the other hand, keeps you comfortable without trapping heat underneath the top layer of the mattress.

Middle Layer

The core of the Intention Hybrid mattress features a layer of Diamond Hyper-Conductive Memory Foam and a layer of Healthy Comfort Memory Foam. To begin, the Diamond Hyper-Conductive Memory Foam acts as both a support and cooling layer – it provides sound support and regulates your body’s core temperature, promoting healthy and natural sleep. The layer below it, the Health Comfort foam, also regulates your body temperature and contours to the natural shape of your body.

Bottom Layer

Serving as the mattress’s foundation, the patented zoned support system prevents motion transfer and mitigates sleep disturbances. In addition, it helps you maintain healthy shoulder, spine, and hip alignment while you sleep.

Faith Hybrid Mattress


Top Layer

You can purchase a Faith Hybrid mattress in three different firmness levels: medium, firm, and plush. Regardless of the firmness level, each Faith Hybrid mattress has a top layer boasting CoolTouch Advanced Temperature Regulating fabric. This fabric has an advanced PCM coating that helps move heat away from your body. It’s also breathable and doesn’t lack when it comes to comfortability.

Middle Layer

Like the Intention Hybrid mattress, the Faith Hybrid mattress has a core with two layers – a layer of Diamond Hyper-Conductive Memory Foam and a layer of Healthy Comfort Memory Foam. The Diamond Hyper-Conductive Memory Foam has graphene and conductive flakes that help dissipate heat from your skin, ultimately ensuring that your body maintains a stable temperature throughout the night. Moreover, the Healthy Comfort Memory Foam layer helps support your body with its premium contouring abilities and regulates your temperature while you sleep.

Bottom Layer

At the bottom of the mattress, there’s a patented zoned support system that doubles as the foundation and base layer. This proprietary system stops motion transfer in its tracks, resulting in fewer sleep disturbances and healthier sleep. In addition, the zone support system helps you keep your shoulders, back, and spine in alignment.

Rally Foam Mattress


Top Layer

Since the Rally Foam mattress is not a hybrid mattress, it’s a bit unique when it comes to both the top layer and the subsequent layers. At the surface of the mattress, there’s a CoolTouch Advanced Cooling cover. Diamond makes this cover with breathable fabrics that keep you cool during the night and feeling refreshed the next day. With a removable zipper and inner liner, you can easily remove the mattress and wash it. Right underneath the CoolTouch Advanced Cooling cover is a Supercharge layer – a layer with Aqua Cool treatment that actively regulates your body temperature.

Middle Layer

When it comes to the middle layer, there are three key components: a layer of hyper-conductive copper foam, a layer of gel memory foam, and a high-density comfort layer. The hyper-conductive copper foam regulates your body temperature and provides premium pressure relief. Sitting right below the hyper-conductive copper foam, the gel memory foam absorbs pressure and conforms to your body’s shape. The layer promotes blood circulation and helps heal sore muscles. Lastly, a high-density comfort layer adds another touch of support to the core of the mattress.

Bottom Layer

The bottom layer of the mattress is composed of a foam layer that continuously adjusts to your body’s curves and movements. No matter what position you sleep in, the foam layer will keep you comfortable and provide pressure relief and superior support.


If you’re looking to purchase a mattress it’s always nice to know it has a decent cover to protect it from damage and add edge support. This mattress has a Rayon 4-Way Stretch Knit Cover that is thin enough to allow breathability, but durable enough to ensure your mattress avoids damage. It’s a great addition to the mattress construction.

Diamond Mattress Reviews
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Firmness, Feel, and Support

Diamond mattresses are available in three different firmness levels: medium, firm, and plush. Thanks to the variety of firmness levels and feels, you should be able to find a mattress that suits your body type. No matter the model, all Diamond mattresses boast multiple layers featuring advanced support technology. From gel to memory foam, Diamond mattresses feature a variety of materials that will keep your body in alignment and alleviate built-up pressure.

Changes Over the Years

As mentioned previously, Diamond Mattress has been around for almost a century. The company is well versed in creating sustainable mattresses for the future. While many changes have occurred in the company throughout the years, each new mattress design tends to stay the same. If Diamond Mattress wants to update their offerings, they tend to bring out new mattresses, rather than update old ones.

There is no doubt that Diamond Mattress has adapted well over the years to ensure they stay up-to-date with current trends, new technology, and more advanced materials. This is the reason they’ve been so successful at growing as a mattress company. Feel free to check back here for further developments.

Diamond Mattress Reviews
© Diamond


To best illustrate the cost of the Diamond mattress, we’ve outlined the prices for both the Grateful Hybrid mattress and the Rally foam mattress. Keep in mind, these prices can vary depending on where you buy the mattress and whether there are any special offers.

Grateful Hybrid Mattress

Twin XL$849
California King$1,299

Rally Foam Mattress

Twin XL$949
California King$1,399

If you don’t want to pay for a Diamond mattress all at once, you can finance it over a period of 3, 6, or 12 months with Affirm. Depending on the mattress and financing period, your monthly payment could be as little as $80. The annual percentage rate (APR) ranges from 10 to 30%, and you’ll find out right away if you qualify. You should note that you cannot finance the taxes or shipping fees, only the purchase price of the mattress.

Other Information

It’s easy to get carried away with the comfort and price of mattress. Those of us who prioritize the way a mattress feels understand how important it is for a mattress to be perfect. Not looking at other components of a mattress can end up damaging us in the long-term. This is especially true if we’re purchasing a mattress from a producer that we’ve never worked with before.

The mattress industry is increasingly competitive, so it’s easier than ever to find a decent mattress company to work with. Each mattress firm has aimed to provide as many additional features and benefits as possible. If you want to work with a mattress company that delivers premiere service and benefits, it’s important to understand what they’re offering. Many of these features are crucial in ensuring you have the best experience possible. You can find many mattress companies that add on features worth hundreds of dollars.

This section is devoted to helping you get a grasp on all the extra information you need to know about the Diamond Mattress offering. If you’re someone who values making informed decisions when you spend money, this is just as important as any other section in our review. Check it out below!


All Diamond mattresses come with a “Limited Diamond Forever Warranty.” The warranty can only be used by the original purchaser (your mattress is not covered under the warranty if you bought it secondhand). In a nutshell, the warranty warrants that the mattress shall be free of material and manufacturing defects. The types of defects covered include a sinkage of more than 1.5”, physical flaws in the foam, and flaws in the cover (not including handles or zippers). Keep in mind that the mattress does not cover any damage caused by improper use of the mattress. If you use the warranty within the first ten years of owning the mattress, Diamond will replace your mattress at no cost. After ten years, Diamond will either repair the mattress or offer you a replacement option for 50% of the cost. You will also be responsible for shipping costs if you do get a new mattress.

Environmentally Friendly

Another benefit you are afforded when you purchase a Diamond Mattress is an assurance that eco-friendly products are used in the production process. Many traditional mattress companies use harmful chemicals to manufacture their mattresses. This can result in several issues – you might be exposed to harmful chemicals when you sleep on the mattress.

In addition, you’re hurting the environment if you’re letting these types of chemicals be used for products that you purchase. Diamond Mattress is certified and recognized by several eco-friendly organizations – they’re a trusted partner if you’re trying to reduce your carbon footprint.

Return Policy

If you buy a Diamond mattress from a third-party retailer, the return policy will vary. Your best bet is to inquire directly with the retailer to find out the details. If you buy a mattress directly from Diamond, you are covered under the “Diamond Trial and Return Guarantee.” This trial gives you the chance to try out the mattress for 120 days to see if it’s a fit. Diamond prefers that you try the mattress for 30 to 60 days so that your body can adjust to the mattress. If you decide that the mattress isn’t for you, Diamond lets you return the mattress free of charge. Mattresses purchased from a store must be brought back to the in-store location. And, like the warranty, only the original owner can return the mattress under the Diamond Trial and Return Guarantee.


Diamond offers free nationwide shipping (the contiguous United States only) on all its mattresses and ships its mattresses from Rancho Dominguez, California. On average, mattresses take between five to seven days to arrive. If you live in Alaska or Hawaii, you will have to pay additional shipping costs.

Great Customer Support

With many new mattress providers, you don’t get the same level of customer support as you do with Diamond Mattress. Newer entrants to the market focus on streamlining costs as much as possible – and while this saves you money, it can also mean you end up without a proper customer support team.

Fortunately, Diamond Mattress has a dedicated customer support team that can help you with any issues that you might have. If you’re someone who wants to be able to easily communicate with companies you work with, this is a great benefit. You can call or email their customer support team when you need assistance.


Again, unlike many modern mattress producers, Diamond Mattress has showrooms that you can use to check out their different mattresses. They also have authorized retailers who display and sell their mattresses. This means that you can go and check out their mattresses before you make any decisions.

Because Diamond Mattress is a large company, they have showrooms or retailers spread throughout the country. You can find showrooms in most major cities in America! Just check out their locations online.

Range of Different Mattresses

Another benefit that hasn’t been discussed is the fact that Diamond Mattress has plenty of other options. If you don’t like the mattress reviewed in this article, chances are Diamond Mattress will have another type of mattress that you’ll enjoy. They have mattresses for every type of sleeper – you can find various support levels and comfort levels depending on what you’re looking for.

You can find their full range on their website or through an authorized dealer.

Should I Buy a Diamond Mattress?

Overall, Diamond mattresses are relatively affordable compared to mattresses with similar features. If support is something that you’re looking for in a mattress, and you can afford to spend around $1,000, then you should consider buying a Diamond mattress. With almost a century of experience in the mattress business, Diamond uses only the best materials to construct ultra-conforming mattresses that are both durable and breathable. Furthermore, the brand offers a strong warranty and a trial period, so you get the chance to try the mattress out without fully committing. If you’re looking for a mattress that will help you wake up feeling rejuvenated each day, then a Diamond mattress could be the perfect choice for you.

Alternatives to Diamond

Puffy Mattress

Puffy is a great alternative to the mattress options at Diamond. This mattress is designed to work with side, back, and stomach sleepers and ships for free right to your door. 

Puffy is also awesome because it can be placed on any surface. As a result, you can use it with an adjustable frame, salts, or even the floor. That means you can have more control over the look and style of your bedroom. It also saves money by allowing you to use the bedframe you already have.

Finally, Puffy offers a 101-night sleep trial. Give it a go and if you don’t like it you can return it free of charge. That’s an option you don’t get with most mattresses.



What Makes Puffy a Great Alternative?

  • 101-night sleep trial to ensure total comfort
  • Free shipping
  • Place on any surface
  • Get $300 off - Limited time only!
Check out Puffy


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