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We have an affiliate relationship with and receive compensation from companies whose products we review on this site. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.
We have an affiliate relationship with and receive compensation from companies whose products we review on this site. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

Helix Mattress Review

Jake Comfort  |  Updated: January 2024

Jake Comfort  |  Updated: January 2024

We have an affiliate relationship with and receive compensation from companies whose products we review on this site. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

Helix Sleep is a relatively new player in the mattress industry, and they are one of the first online companies that offer consumers a 100% customizable sleep experience. This stands in stark contrast to the one-size fits all way that most online mattress vendors have operated to this point. They have customers fill out a short survey and use the answers to identify the best mattress for those particular consumers. This review will give you the low-down on the Helix experience so you can sleep easy with your mattress selection.

Helix Sleep Mattress Review
© Helix


One of the unique things about the business model used by Helix Sleep is the fact that they offer customizable mattresses suited to the tastes of individual customers. The result is that there are many different ways for the Helix mattress to be constructed. We’ll look at 4 different setups, each one with its own distinct traits and layer setup.

Even though the mattress are unique, the materials used to create the different layers are broadly similar. We’ll look at one of the configurations in detail, but will also discuss the different configurations in terms of the firmness, comfort, and supported offered by each.

Helix Sleep Mattress Review
© Helix


  • Top Layer – 2” of responsive poly foam. Helix has a proprietary mix foam called Helix Dynamic Foam. It has a similar feel to and shares many qualities with latex, but avoids some of the less desirable aspects of that material. The bounce, cooling, and responsiveness levels are good.
  • Second Layer – 2.4” of microcoils act as a support and pressure-relief layer. The microcoils provide softness, pressure relief, and bounce.
  • Third Layer – 2” of poly foam make the third layer, and is intended for support.
  • Fourth Layer – 4” of high-density support foam. This is a much denser foam that used in the other layers, and works as the foundation for the mattress while providing support.

It’s important to keep in mind that the dimensions of these layers can shift depending on how you answer the survey questions that Helix uses to determine which of their products is best suited for you.


The Helix cover is constructed from 100% polyester. The white top fabric is soft and nice to lay on, while the blue side panels are a bit more robust and work to secure and protect the mattress itself. The cover is a very thin piece of material, catering to a modern aesthetic, and it doesn’t have any padding. This allows for better airflow and better cooling.

Firmness, Comfort, Support

Helix mattresses are made to order based on the individual’s requirements and preferences. The survey you take before ordering a mattress covers a number of different factors, including sleeping position, body type, firmness, medical issues, and sleep-related pain. Results are delivered through four categories. These categories are:

  • Point elasticity – this is a measure of how much pressure on a single part of the mattress affects the surrounding areas. The measurement here will determine how much the mattress hugs your body.
  • Support – this is a measurement of the level of support you need to help your spine stay properly aligned while you sleep. It takes into account sleeping position, heigh, and weight.
  • Feel – this is a measure of firmness, or how hard or soft the mattress is.
  • Temperature Regulation – this category indicates how warm or cold a mattress sleeps, and can be essential to comfort while sleeping. People who sleep hot will want a mattress that provides more cooling airflow than those who sleep cooler.
Helix Sleep Mattress Review
© Helix

As you can tell, there are a number of different ways that these different mattress characteristics can be altered. The result is that Helix mattresses are customized to the needs of the person ordering it, so it’s rare to find two that are put together the exact same way. We’ll look at four of the more popular configurations for our tests.

When it comes to firmness, Helix mattresses run a range from 3 to 9 on a 1-10 scale where 1 is softest and 10 is the most firm.

Example 1: Side Sleepers, Neutral Firmness

This mattress has a configuration that produces a 5 on our 1-10 firmness scale, meaning it isn’t overly firm or overly soft. The medium feel allows people to sink into the foams as they sleep, which helps with support and pressure relief. This makes it an ideal choice for side sleepers and lighter sleepers. From top to bottom, its layers are: 2” Helix Dynamic Foam, 2.4” microcoils, 2” poly foam, and 4” of base foam.

Example 2: All Positions, Medium Firmness

This mattress is designed for all positions, it is best for average weight sleepers, and those who prefer a moderate contour. It would rate at a 6 on the firmness scale, so people who need a bit more firmness for back problems or support might enjoy this option. From top to bottom, its layers are: 2” ploy foam, 2.4” microcoils, 2” Helix Dynamic Foam, 4” base foam.

Example 3: Lightweight, Medium Firmness

This design has a firmness rating of 5.5 and is good for people who are a bit lighter, as well as side and back sleepers. The hug and contouring properties of this mattress are average. From top to bottom, its layers are: 2: Helix Dynamic Foam, 2” poly Foam, 2.4” microcoils, 4” base foam.

Example 4: Heavy Sleepers, Firm Feel

This setup is engineered to offer the most support for sleepers, making it best for heavier sleepers and those who prefer a firm mattress. From top to bottom, its layers are: 2” poly foam, 2” Helix Dynamic Foam, 2.4” microcoils, 4” base foam.

All of the different configurations had an excellent response time, and each one has good support and pressure relief. Even the firmer model can be comfortable for light sleepers, and on the whole each one is able to provide good support regardless of sleeping position. That being said, the different configurations still favor different sleeping positions, so it’s important to be honest on the survey you take before buying this mattress.

Blended and Split Mattress

Because people oftentimes sleep in pairs, Helix has two options to help couples. The first, blended, takes both individual’s survey answers and combines them to produce the best middle ground option. The result is a compromise that will take both partner’s sleeping styles into account.

The other option is for a split mattress, where ½ of the mattress is customized for one sleeper, and the other ½ for the second partner. This results in assigned sides, as each side of the mattress will feel different. Split options are only available for Queen sizes and larger.

TestExample 1Example 2Example 3Example 4
Laying on Back32.52.251.25
Laying on Side3.533.252.25
Slight Edge Sit4.25342.25
Full Edge Sit54.554
Standing in Middle6564.5

All of our measurements are in inches. The first test involves laying on the back with weight evenly distributed. The second is similar, but on the side instead of the back. The third test involves sitting on the edge without placing full body weight on the bed, and the fourth is sitting with full body weight. The final test involves placing all of the body’s pressure on the smallest point in the center of the bed. The tests were done with a subject who weighs ~140 lbs, so your results may differ.


Twin XL$700
California King$1195

There are some promotional offers that can allow you to save up to $50 when you purchase a Helix mattress, so make sure you look around for deal before purchasing. Additionally, Helix offers some different financing options, and you can split your mattress purchase into 3, 6, or 12 payments.

Other Info

Shipping: Free in the USA, Canada costs $150CAD. It will take 7-10 days to receive a regular or blended Helix, and 9-12 days for the split version.

Helix Sleep Mattress Review
© Helix

Trial: 100 nights, offering you plenty of time to decide if you like it.

Refunds: You get 100% money back within the trial period, but Helix asks that you try it for 30 days before attempting to return it.

Warranty: 10 years, which is the industry standard.

Made in the USA

Should I Get A Helix Mattress?

The customization and quality of the Helix make it an excellent choice for many different consumers, but the option to have a split mattress will make it especially appealing to those who have difference sleep preferences to their partners. The Helix mattress is also a good choice for people who want to customize the sleep experience they get and aren’t as confident that the other options will provide the solution they’re looking for.

The Helix is also a good choice for people who aren’t 100% sure about what kind of mattress they’re looking for. The innovative survey that Helix has you fill out before recommending a mattress. This can help sleepers get a better idea of the qualities they’re looking for in a mattress by walking them through the different types of questions that you would want to ask yourself to decide what kind of mattress you’re looking for.

The Helix is also good for people who want a foam mattress but also want a cooler sleeping experience. The microcoils in all Helix mattresses do a great job of providing airflow for cooling, while the innovative foams provide the contour and hugging effect that so many people love about memory foam.

On the whole, the Helix mattress is a great option. You should definitely check them out if you’re considering hybrid-foam mattresses.

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