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We have an affiliate relationship with and receive compensation from companies whose products we review on this site. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.
We have an affiliate relationship with and receive compensation from companies whose products we review on this site. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

How to Get Vinegar Smell Out of Mattress

Vinegar is a versatile household ingredient that is commonly used for cleaning purposes. However, if you have recently used vinegar to clean your mattress and are left with a lingering smell, you may be wondering how to get rid of it. Fortunately, there are several effective methods to eliminate the vinegar smell and restore freshness to your mattress. In this article, we will explore some of these methods and answer common questions related to this issue.

Method 1: Baking Soda

Baking soda is known for its odor-absorbing properties, making it an excellent solution for removing unwanted smells. To use this method, sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda over the affected area of the mattress. Allow it to sit for several hours, preferably overnight, before vacuuming it up. Baking soda will absorb the vinegar smell, leaving your mattress smelling fresh and clean.

Method 2: Fresh Air and Sunlight

If weather permits, take your mattress outside and place it in direct sunlight. Fresh air and sunlight can naturally eliminate odors, including the vinegar smell. Leave the mattress outside for a few hours to allow it to air out and absorb the sun’s rays.

Method 3: Essential Oils

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Essential oils are a popular natural remedy for removing odors. Mix a few drops of your favorite essential oil, such as lavender or tea tree oil, with water in a spray bottle. Lightly mist the affected area of the mattress and allow it to air dry. Essential oils will not only help eliminate the vinegar smell but also leave behind a pleasant fragrance.

Method 4: Fabric Freshener

Commercial fabric fresheners are designed to neutralize odors and can be effective in getting rid of the vinegar smell. Spray the affected area with a fabric freshener, following the instructions on the product label. Allow it to dry before using the mattress.

Method 5: Vinegar and Water Solution

Although it may seem counterintuitive, using a vinegar and water solution can help neutralize the vinegar smell. Mix equal parts of vinegar and water in a spray bottle and lightly mist the affected area of the mattress. Vinegar’s acidic properties will counteract the smell, and the odor will dissipate as the solution dries.

Common Questions and Answers:

1. Can I use white vinegar instead of apple cider vinegar?

Yes, you can use white vinegar instead of apple cider vinegar. Both types of vinegar are effective in neutralizing odors.

2. How long should I leave baking soda on the mattress?

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It is recommended to leave baking soda on the mattress for at least a few hours, preferably overnight, to allow it to absorb the vinegar smell.

3. Can I use a fabric freshener directly on the mattress?

Yes, fabric fresheners are safe to use directly on the mattress. However, it is advisable to test it on a small, inconspicuous area first to ensure it does not cause any damage.

4. Can I use a hairdryer to speed up the drying process?

It is not recommended to use a hairdryer to dry the mattress as it may cause shrinkage or damage to the fabric. It is best to allow the mattress to air dry naturally.

5. How often should I clean my mattress?

It is recommended to clean your mattress every three to six months to maintain its freshness and hygiene.

6. Can I use scented candles to mask the vinegar smell?

While scented candles can temporarily mask the vinegar smell, they do not eliminate it. It is best to use methods that neutralize the odor instead of masking it.

7. Can I use these methods on memory foam mattresses?

Yes, these methods can be used on memory foam mattresses. However, it is important to use minimal amounts of liquid to avoid saturating the foam, as excessive moisture can damage it.

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In conclusion, removing the vinegar smell from your mattress can be easily achieved with the help of baking soda, fresh air and sunlight, essential oils, fabric fresheners, or a vinegar and water solution. By following these methods, you can restore freshness to your mattress and enjoy a clean sleeping environment.