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We have an affiliate relationship with and receive compensation from companies whose products we review on this site. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.
We have an affiliate relationship with and receive compensation from companies whose products we review on this site. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

How to Keep 2 Twin XL Mattresses Together

If you have two twin XL mattresses and want to create a larger sleeping surface, it can be challenging to keep them together securely. However, with the right methods and tools, you can easily keep your twin XL mattresses joined together for a comfortable and uninterrupted sleep. In this article, we will discuss some effective ways to keep your twin XL mattresses together and answer some common questions about this topic.

1. Twin XL Mattress Connector:
One of the simplest and most effective solutions is to use a twin XL mattress connector. These connectors are designed specifically to keep two twin XL mattresses together, creating a king-size sleeping area. They usually consist of a padded strip with straps on both ends that wrap around the mattresses, holding them tightly in place.

2. Non-Slip Mattress Pad:
A non-slip mattress pad can also be used to prevent the mattresses from sliding apart. These pads are placed between the mattresses and the bed frame to add friction, ensuring that the mattresses stay in place. Look for a pad specifically designed to prevent movement and keep the mattresses together.

3. Velcro Strips:
Another option is to use Velcro strips to secure the mattresses together. Attach one strip to the side of each mattress and press them together firmly. Velcro provides a strong grip, keeping the mattresses from separating during sleep. Make sure to use industrial-strength Velcro for a secure connection.

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4. Bed Bridge:
A bed bridge is a sturdy device that spans the gap between two mattresses, holding them together. It is usually made of foam or rubber and provides a seamless transition between the two mattresses. Some bed bridges also come with straps to further secure the mattresses from shifting.

5. Mattress Encasement:
Consider using a mattress encasement that covers both mattresses. This encasement acts as a protective cover for the entire sleeping surface while keeping the mattresses together. Look for a durable and breathable encasement that fits both twin XL mattresses snugly.

6. Bungee Cords:
If you prefer a more affordable option, you can use bungee cords to keep the mattresses together. Place the mattresses side by side and secure them with two or more bungee cords, ensuring they are tightly fastened. Be careful not to overtighten the cords, as this can cause discomfort while sleeping.

7. Foam Bed Bridge:
For an inexpensive and temporary solution, you can use a foam bed bridge. Simply place a rolled-up towel or a pool noodle between the mattresses to fill the gap. This method may not be as secure as other options, but it can help minimize the space between the mattresses.

Common Questions and Answers:

1. Can I use regular King-size bedding on two twin XL mattresses joined together?
Yes, two twin XL mattresses joined together create the same dimensions as a standard King-size mattress, so you can use regular King-size bedding.

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2. Will joining two twin XL mattresses create a noticeable gap in the middle?
When using the appropriate methods and tools to keep the mattresses together, there should be minimal to no gap in the middle.

3. How often should I check the connection between the mattresses?
It is recommended to check the connection regularly, especially during bedding changes, to ensure the mattresses remain securely joined.

4. Can I use these methods for other mattress sizes?
Yes, these methods can be adapted for other mattress sizes, such as twin, full, or queen, depending on your needs.

5. Will these methods cause discomfort or affect the quality of sleep?
When properly implemented, these methods should not cause any discomfort or impact the quality of your sleep.

6. Can I use these methods on adjustable beds?
Yes, most of these methods can be used on adjustable beds, but check the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure compatibility.

7. Are there any alternatives to keeping twin XL mattresses together?
If you find it challenging to keep the mattresses together, consider purchasing a mattress topper or pad that covers the entire sleeping surface, creating a unified feel.