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We have an affiliate relationship with and receive compensation from companies whose products we review on this site. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.
We have an affiliate relationship with and receive compensation from companies whose products we review on this site. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

How to Wash Foam Dog Bed: A Step-by-Step Guide

Having a foam dog bed for your furry friend provides them with comfort and support while they sleep and relax. However, over time, these beds can accumulate dirt, pet hair, and unpleasant odors, making it necessary to give them a good wash. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to effectively clean your foam dog bed and answer some common questions related to this process.

Step 1: Remove the cover
Start by removing the cover from the foam bed. Most foam dog beds have a removable cover that can be easily unzipped or detached. Check the manufacturer’s instructions if you are unsure how to remove it.

Step 2: Shake off loose debris
Take the foam bed outside or to a well-ventilated area and shake it vigorously to remove any loose debris, hair, or dirt that may be trapped in the foam. This step will help to loosen and get rid of the majority of the surface-level dirt.

Step 3: Spot clean any stains
Inspect the bed for any stains or soiled areas. Use a pet-safe stain remover or a mixture of mild detergent and water to spot clean those areas. Gently scrub the stained area with a soft brush or sponge, being careful not to saturate the foam.

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Step 4: Machine wash the cover
Refer to the care instructions on the dog bed cover to determine if it is machine washable. If it is, place the cover in the washing machine and use a pet-safe detergent. Select a gentle cycle with cold water to avoid damaging the fabric. Once the cycle is complete, hang the cover to air dry or use a low heat setting in the dryer.

Step 5: Hand wash the foam
Fill a bathtub or large basin with warm water and add a pet-safe detergent. Submerge the foam bed into the water and gently agitate it to allow the detergent to penetrate the foam. You can also use a soft brush to scrub the foam gently. Rinse the foam thoroughly with clean water to remove any traces of detergent.

Step 6: Remove excess water and dry
After rinsing, gently squeeze out excess water from the foam bed. Avoid twisting or wringing it, as this may damage the foam. Place the foam in a well-ventilated area or outdoors to dry completely. It is important to ensure that the foam is completely dry to prevent mold or mildew from forming.

Step 7: Reassemble the bed
Once the foam and cover are completely dry, reassemble the dog bed by putting the clean cover back on the foam. Ensure that the cover is securely fastened to prevent it from slipping or coming off during use.

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Common Questions and Answers:

Q1: How often should I wash my dog’s foam bed?
A1: It is recommended to wash your dog’s foam bed at least once every month or two, depending on how dirty it gets.

Q2: Can I use bleach to clean the foam bed?
A2: No, bleach can be harmful to your dog’s skin and respiratory system. Stick to pet-safe detergents and stain removers.

Q3: Can I put the foam bed in the washing machine?
A3: No, foam beds should not be submerged in water or put in the washing machine. Hand washing is the safest method for cleaning foam beds.

Q4: Can I dry the foam bed in the dryer?
A4: No, foam beds should not be put in the dryer as the heat can damage the foam. Air drying is the best method.

Q5: What if my foam bed has a strong odor?
A5: If your foam bed has a strong odor, sprinkle baking soda over the foam and let it sit for a few hours before vacuuming it off. This will help absorb and neutralize the odor.

Q6: Can I use a fabric softener on the dog bed cover?
A6: It is best to avoid using fabric softeners as they may leave a residue on the cover, making it less breathable for your dog.

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Q7: Can I wash the foam bed more frequently if needed?
A7: Yes, you can wash the foam bed more frequently if your dog has accidents or if the bed becomes heavily soiled. Just ensure that the foam is properly dried before reassembling the bed.

By following these steps and regularly cleaning your dog’s foam bed, you can ensure that your furry friend has a clean and comfortable place to rest and sleep.