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We have an affiliate relationship with and receive compensation from companies whose products we review on this site. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.
We have an affiliate relationship with and receive compensation from companies whose products we review on this site. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

iComfort Mattress Reviews

Jake Comfort  |  Updated: January 2024

Jake Comfort  |  Updated: January 2024

We have an affiliate relationship with and receive compensation from companies whose products we review on this site. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

If you’re looking for a mattress that offers an expansive collection of upgrades and unique features, then you should consider looking at the iComfort mattresses made by Serta. This signature line offers twin mattresses all the way to California King beds. Every iComfort mattress is made in the USA and comes with a 120-night trial and a 10-year limited warranty, so you can be certain that the mattress is the right fit for you. Given its design and resilience, it’s easy to see why 183 out of 189 customers recommend the mattress. Our in-depth review will shed some light on the iComfort’s construction and layers, cover, support, sinkage, and the pricing so you can make a well-informed decision.

Serta is a longstanding company and one of the largest mattress brands in the US. The Serta iComfort mattress is a mid to luxury range mattress. The uniqueness of the iComfort is its memory foam, which aims to solve a variety of sleeping needs. Another unique factor is Serta’s gel-infused foams, which Serta claims to have a cooling factor in the foam. This helps you to sleep cool at night.


As mentioned, Serta manufactures all its mattresses in the USA and uses only high-quality materials. The brand has been around since 1931 and continuously strives to improve its manufacturing processes in an eco-friendly manner. The company is mindful of the environment in every aspect of its production cycle, made obvious by its natural and non-toxic components. Serta only sources its wood from forests that are certified as sustainable by the Forest Stewardship Council. In addition, the brand produces its covers using natural bamboo and organic cotton – no synthetic or harmful materials. The natural latex that Serta uses is both anti-microbial and allergen resistant, owning up to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® (meaning no harmful substances).

Cheap mattress brands often use foams filled with chemicals that slowly dissipate from the mattress. Serta, on the other hand, makes its foams without harmful components, such as PBDE flame-retardants, lead, and mercury. In fact, in many of its mattress products, Serta uses soy-based materials to lessen its impact on the environment and promote product safety. And whenever Serta has the chance, it uses recycled materials in its products. As an example, it makes its innersprings and box springs from 95% recycled steel and its insulator pads from recycled garment clips. LayersDepending on the model, iComfort mattresses have two to four layers. The base only option (CF1000) has a layer of EverCool® Fuze gel foam and carbon fiver memory foam. On the other hand, the Max Cooling & Pressure Relief Upgrade (CF4000) has a layer of Air Support™ Foam, carbon fiber memory foam, and two additional layers with an UltraCold System™ and Max Cold™ cover. When you look at the multiple layers, you should consider how much you want to spend and your pain points and what type of support you need. Here is a look at the layers in more detail:


The top material will vary depending on what model of the iComfort mattress you buy. If you purchase the Max Cooling & Pressure Relief Upgrade and the Max Cooling Upgrade, the top layer of the mattress is a Max Cold™ cover. The main purpose of this cover is to promote temperature regulation. It’s constructed with cool, high-performance fibers that keep you from getting overheated throughout the night.

Serta’s Cold Touch™ cover is available in the iComfort Limited Edition, Base Only, and Cooling Upgrades. This cover is just a slight step down from the Max Cold™ cover. The breathable knitted cover provides a cool-to-the-touch sensation and helps regulate your body temperature. The main difference between the Cold Touch™ cover and the Max Cold™ cover is that the Max Cold™ cover is made from high-performance fibers and the Cold Touch™ is not.


Both the Max Cooling Upgrade and Max Cooling & Pressure Relief Upgrade have an UltraCold System™ embedded in the middle layer of the mattress. The UltraCold System™ is essentially a layer of cooling carbon fiber memory foam that absorbs extra heat and expels it away while you sleep. Paired with one of the cooling covers, this added feature is beneficial to those who are sensitive to temperature changes during the night.
A more affordable option, the iComfort Limited Edition model is unique in the fact that it has a middle layer of EverCool® Fuze Gel memory foam. As the name suggests, this layer boasts both memory foam and cooling gel to both regulate your body temperature and offer you pressure-relieving support. This layer is especially useful for those who suffer from chronic pain. It’s important to note that the Base Only and Cooling Upgrade models only have two layers – they do not have an extra middle layer. The material used in the top layer versus the bottom layer depends on the level of firmness and body support that you need. We will touch on those layers below.


Since the iComfort mattress is so customizable, the bottom layer varies in each model. The most expensive option, the Max Cooling & Pressure Relief Upgrade, has a bottom layer crafted with Air Support™ Foam. This layer contours to the shape of your body and helps you relieve built-up pain in your pressure points. Air Support™ Foam is an air-cushion feature that is exclusive to Serta and offers targeted support for more comfortable sleep.

The Max Cooling Upgrade model has a base layer of carbon fiber memory foam. This memory foam is exclusive to Serta and provides superb body support, especially for your neck and back. In addition to its support characteristics, the carbon fiber memory foam system also expels heat and keeps you cool during the night. According to Serta’s product details, this unique memory foam is used in every model of the iComfort in some shape or form.

With a bottom layer of EverCool® Fuze gel foam, the iComfort Limited Edition mattress excels when it comes to temperature regulation and cool-to-the-touch materials. This gel layer is only available in the Limited Edition Model and Base Only option. It’s a blend of both cooling gel and foam, which helps to disperse heat and increase airflow. Compared to the EverCool™ Fuze gel memory foam, the EverCool™ Fuze gel foam is firmer and therefore sits underneath the memory foam layer in the Limited Edition Model.

The Cooling Upgrade model is the only option that has a bottom layer of Gel Active® Max foam. This type of foam is very similar to the EverCool™ foams. The Gel Active® Max foam’s main function is the promote airflow throughout the mattress. This foam is an open-cell foam and varies slightly from traditional memory foam, even though both have the same materials. The foam boasts internal pockets that help expel heat and improve ventilation. Firmness and SupportA major advantage of the iComfort mattress is that there are various firmness level options offered, making it easy to find a model that supports your body the best. The firmness is indicated by what Serta calls the “comfort type.” The iComfort Limited Edition is a plush mattress by default. On the other hand, the Base Only is medium and the Cooling Upgrade is firm. If you buy the Max Cooling Upgrade or Max Cooling & Pressure Relief Upgrade, you have the option of choosing between medium, plush, and ultra-plush. Depending on which firmness you select in the two upgraded models, the layers and placement of the layers can vary.

Equipped with carbon fiber memory foam, every iComfort mattress offers some level of support. As mentioned, Serta’s exclusive carbon foam excels when it comes to providing back and neck support, but it still offers support for the lower body. Furthermore, the mattress models with EverCool™ Fuze gel memory foam have extra cradling technology and keep your body in a comfortable position that alleviates pressure. If you want the maximum amount of support, you should opt for the Max Cooling & Pressure Relief Upgrade since it has a layer of Air Support™ foam. This foam contours to the shape of your body and alleviates pressure built up in your pain points. SinkageSince the iComfort mattress is so customizable, you have complete control over how much sinkage you want the mattress to have. Mind you, this is not the same permanent “sinkage” that is often associated with coil spring mattresses, but rather the degree in which your body will sink into the mattress when you lay down on it.

With “plush” comfort levels, the iComfort Limited Edition, Max Cooling Upgrade, and Max Cooling & Pressure Relief Upgrade models offer the most sinkage. Keep in mind that this sinkage does not mean your body will be thrown out of alignment. These models still boast layers of memory foam that contour to the shape of your body and keep your spine aligned. Sinkage is often directly related to the firmness level and you can measure it on a scale of 1 to 10. This scale of measurement is useful for those who suffer from chronic pain, who should get mattresses that fall on 6 or 7. A soft or “plush” mattress is generally between 3 to 5. Medium mattresses are either a 6 or 7 and firm mattresses range from 8 to 10. If you buy an iComfort mattress, you have the option to choose any one of these firmness levels. PriceThe price of an iComfort mattress ranges from $599 for a twin mattress to $2,499 for a California King. Serta offers frequent discounts and special offers, so the current price may differ from the price table below. These are the standard prices for an iComfort mattress:



Limited Edition Cooling Gel

Base Only

Cooling Upgrade





Twin XL
















California King




Other Info

Return Policy

If you purchase the mattress directly from Serta, you can return it for free within 120 days. All you must do is contact the customer service team and they will arrange to have the mattress picked up from your home. This return policy does not apply if you purchase the mattress from a different retailer. You will have to inquire with the retailer to figure out its return policy. WarrantyEach iComfort mattress comes with a 10-year limited warranty. This warranty covers manufacturing defects but does not personal comfort preferences. Serta’s requires customers to start their warranty claim with the retailer they purchased the mattress from unless they purchased the mattress directly from Serta. Trial PeriodSerta offers a 120-day in-home trial on all their mattresses. The company encourages all buyers to sleep on the mattress for a few weeks to allow their bodies to adjust. If you decide the mattress isn’t for you, Serta lets you return the mattress for free.

Should I buy an iComfort Mattress?

While there are certainly more affordable options on the market, an iComfort mattress is a strong contender if you are looking for a mattress that is customizable and comes with a variety of high-performance memory foam and temperature-regulating layers. And since Serta manufactures all its iComfort mattresses in the United States using eco-friendly materials, you don’t have to worry about pungent smells or harmful chemicals seeping out of your mattress. More than 96% of the reviewers of the iComfort mattress would recommend the product. Many of the reviewers claim that the iComfort mattress has greatly improved the quality of their sleep and even some stated that it was like “sleeping on a cloud.” Consumers also mention that the firmness level has made it much easier for them to fall asleep. If you’re looking for a mattress backed by a strong and well-established brand, you should consider the iComfort mattress. Even if the cost is a little outside of your range, the CertiPUR-US® foam will certainly outlive other low-cost foams. Not only that, but shipping is included, and you get a warranty that will give you peace of mind. Unless you have a slim budget, you should put the iComfort mattress at the top of your list.

The Pro’s

Pressure and pain relief. The iComfort models may relieve pressure points and back pain often associated with a poor mattress. Pain relief equals a good night’s sleep!

The cooling gel. The cooling gel aids in helping you sleep cool. This is great for anyone who has night sweats.

Model Variety. The iComfort also has many different models to choose from. Mattresses range from memory foam to hybrid mattresses, so it’s likely that you can find a comfortable mattress that’s right for you.

Returns. Serta has a 120 day return policy which is above average for the industry.

Availability. There are a wide variety of retail and online stores that you can purchase the iComfort mattress.


Too Firm. Memory foam is not for everyone. There are many consumers who complain of their mattress being too firm. This is mostly about personal preference but still worth noting.

Not durable. The iComfort also may not be the most durable. There are complaints from consumers about the mattress sagging, which makes for a poor night’s sleep.

Owner Satisfaction. According to Sleep Like the Dead, the iComfort hybrid and ISeries only gets a C- in adult owner satisfaction.


Overall it seems that the Serta iComfort is based on personal preference. The iComfort is not your traditional mattress, so it will not be a product for everyone’s taste. It seems that it is a decent product for the price. It may behoove you to test out a mattress in the store to get a feel for whether or not an iComfort could be a match for your sleeping needs.

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