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The Matrand mattress is sold by Ikea and uses memory foam technology. Available in twin, full, queen, and king sizes, the Matrand mattress offers “medium firm” or “firm” options.

The Design

The Matrand memory foam mattress has a layer of latex to help you fully relax. Although the mattress may seem too firm at the beginning, you will find that the mattress will conform to your body as you use it. The bed measures 79.5 inches and has a thickness of 7 1/8 of an inch.

Memory foam mattresses are designed to provide contouring to ensure that the mattress is supporting every part of the body. These types of mattresses work well for couples because they absorb motion. That means when one sleeper moves around, the other doesn’t feel the motion as much as on a traditional spring mattress.

The Good

As a mid-range Ikea mattress, the Matrand mattress may help alleviate back pain and sleep difficulties. The mattress resists bounciness and eases movement of sleepers.

Many owners praise the Matrand and are satisfied with their purchase. To expand the mattress’ lifespan, IKEA offers a removable, washable cover, which is made of high-quality materials such as wool and cotton. The covers also reduce moisture and help regulate temperature.

The price is affordable and Ikea provides a generous exchange or return policy. The mattress can be shipped directly to your home and assembly is simply unrolling the bed.

The Bad

Some sleepers may find the Matrand mattress too firm. Some consumers have questioned the durability and longevity of the mattress for everyday adult use, couples or heavier people.

The Competition

The Matrand mattress by Ikea competes with other low-priced mattresses such as Zinus and Signature Sleep.

The Recommendation

Sleepers who prefer to sleep on their back or their stomach may like this mattress. Those who prefer medium softness may also enjoy the Matrand.

The Company

IKEA, a Swedish company selling home furnishings, offers latex, foam and spring mattresses. The company sells less expensive spring mattresses to high-priced latex and memory foam mattresses. IKEA is known for its quality furniture and states that every mattress it sells is designed to offer comfort and support at a good price.

As a company, IKEA provides home furnishing products that are affordable to many people. It focuses on combining function, quality, design and value and works to be as sustainable as possible. This mindset is ingrained in the design department, its sourcing activities, and our packing and distribution tasks.