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There are several different mattress selections that are readily available. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes that are designed for many different sleeping styles. The Cuddle Mattress looks nothing like its standard counterparts. It utilizes an innovative module system to help support key body parts like your shoulders. This review is going to cover some the main pros and cons of the product and offer a final verdict.

The Pros of Cuddle Mattress

Cuddle Mattress is designed completely differently than other mattresses that are available. It is a memory foam style mattress that is composed of different sections. These sections fit together to create folds that you can rest areas of your body.

The theory is that these folds alleviate pressure on those areas of your body. It is customizable during assembly to supply varying degrees of support where you want them most. The mattress has a firm and soft side that you can alternate as necessary during assembly to create the perfect combination.

Below are the main pros of Cuddle Mattress.

The Cons of Cuddle Mattress

  • Covered by an impressive 25-year warranty
  • Constructed with fire retardant Radon material
  • Offers a high degree of customization
  • 90-day return period minus shipping costs

While Cuddle Mattress offers a unique approach to a restful night’s sleep, it has many design flaws. For one, the mattress requires an extensive amount of initial assembly. Each core and section must be carefully assembled and then screwed together.

Also, the mattress takes quite a bit of time to expand. It is delivered in a vacuum packed seal that results in an extensive amount of time for expansion. It also causes wrinkles in the product that take time to release as well.

Another downside of the Cuddle Mattress is that it requires a special elastic style sheet. This limits your sheet choices to those supplied by the company. If the company were to close, you would be left without other purchase options.

Below are the main cons of Cuddle Mattress.


  • Initial odor that is common with memory foam style mattresses
  • Not compatible with traditional sheets
  • Lengthy and extensive product assembly required

Overall, the Cuddle Mattress provides a unique approach to offering a great night’s sleep. It is comprised of folds that work to alleviate pressure on areas of the body. It also allows for unique customization options that many other mattresses do not provide.

It is also supported by an impressive warranty and return period. This shows the company is fairly confident in the capabilities of their product. It also provides peace of mind to consumers who are debating this mattress choice.

However, there are several glaring design flaws with this mattress. For one, the initial assembly may prove to be complicated for many users. The unique sectioned design also means that standard sheets cannot be used with this mattress. This can be cause for concern for many owners.

With these issues in mind, the Cuddle Mattress offers a unique approach not seen in many other mattresses. This may make trying the mattress out worthwhile especially with its warranty and return period backing the product.