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We have an affiliate relationship with and receive compensation from companies whose products we review on this site. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.
We have an affiliate relationship with and receive compensation from companies whose products we review on this site. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

A Review of Sealy

Jake Comfort  |  Updated: January 2024

Jake Comfort  |  Updated: January 2024

We have an affiliate relationship with and receive compensation from companies whose products we review on this site. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

Mattresses come in many different types. There are spring-based, memory foam, and hybrids. Each of these is designed to offer a unique level of comfort that is perfectly designed for different sleeping patterns.

Sealy is a leading manufacturer of mattresses that offers all three varieties. This review is going to cover the pros and cons of Sealy. It will review things like quality, warranty period, and overall comfort. It will also offer a final verdict about the brand.

Sealy Construction

Sealy has been making mattresses for a long time. Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising that they have a few different mattress lines. We’ll look at the construction of each line in this section. Keep in mind that we’ll only review the base model here. The information contained may be different for plush, firm, pillowtop or Eurotop versions of these mattresses.


Sealy Mattress Review
© Sealy

Conform Construction

The Conform mattress is Sealy’s all-foam mattress. It comes in three distinct styles, Essentials, Performance, and Premium. Each mattress uses the same base foam layers, but has different materials on features for each different level. Moreover, there are different types of mattresses in each sub-line. On the whole, it’s a pretty confusing system but it means that Sealy has a mattress for everyone – if they can find it. We’ll look at the Conform Essentials Upbeat for this review.

Conform Layers

The Conform Essentials Upbeat has four layers and a cover. All the materials in this mattress are Certipur-US certified

  • The top layer is constructed from Sealy ComfortSense Gel Memory foam, which is designed to be responsive to your body while offering initial support and softness
  • The second layer is made from Sealy CoolGel memory foam, which uses gel-infusion to help create air channels in the foam. This increases the mattresses cooling ability and also removes moisture from your body
  • The third layer is made from SealySupport Gel Base Foam. The support foam acts as a transitional layer while providing support for pressure points
  • The final layer is the StableSupport Foundation. This is a strong, high-density layer that acts as the base, providing durability and stability to the mattress
  • The cover is the Ultra-Stretch ComfortLoft knit cover that allows the top layer of the mattress to better conform to your body.

As you can see, a lot of thought goes into the construction of a Sealy Conform mattress. That means there’s a good chance that Sealy has a mattress that suits your needs. The problem is going to be wading through all of the options to find it.

Response Construction

Much like the Conform line, there are two sublines of mattresses in the Response collection, the essentials line and the performance line. The Essentials line has three different mattresses in it, the Plush Tight Top and Firm Tight Top versions of the Bernstein, and the Rio Blanco. We’ll look at the Rio Blanco for this breakdown.

Rio Blanco Layers

The Sealy Rio Blanco has four layers and a cover. All of the layers are Certipur-US certified. The layers are:

  • A first layer of SealySupport Firm Formed Foam – this is a dense memory foam that offers a comfortable but firm feel
  • The second layer is made from the SolidEdge HD System. This is a reinforced foam border around the entirety of the mattress. This helps the mattress keep its shape, adds durability, and makes the edge into a stable sitting surface
  • The third layer for this mattress is the SealyCusion Air Foam. This is a specialized foam that’s used to enhance airflow in the mattress and add softness to the experience
  • Finally, the mattress uses the Response Coil System. This is a pocketed coil system that provides excellent support while limiting some of the motion transfer you get from hybrid and innerspring beds.
  • The Cover is made from a stretch-knit fabric that works to evenly distribute your weight on the mattress while wicking away hot air and moisture

Hybrid Construction

As with the other two product lines, there are several sub-lines for the Sealy Hybrid. They are called Essentials, Performance, and Premium. The base models in each line are similar, with each line adding more features and/or sleep tech as you move from essentials to performance and finally to premium. Moreover, most of the sub-lines come in either a plush or firm version. This breakdown looks at the Sealy Hybrid Essentials Trust II Firm mattress

Hybrid Layers

The Hybrid Essentials has four layers and a cover. The layers are:

  • A first layer made from Sealy ComfortSense Foam to provide initial softness and responsiveness
  • A second layer 1.5” thick of Sealy ComfortSense Foam. This is similar to the foam in the top layer but acts to provide some more support
  • A third layer of SealySupport foam. this layer is 2” thick and provides support and pressure point relief while easing you into the final layer
  • A base layer called the Response Pro Encased Coil System – a series of pocketed coils to provide support and bounce. 911 coils in a Queen mattress
  • The cover is made from a unique Moisture Protect fabric that wicks moisture away from you at night, helping you stay both cool and dry.
Sealy Mattress Review
© Sealy

Sealy Firmness, Feel, and Support

We’ll do our best to help you understand the firmness, feel, and support of the different Sealy mattresses in this section. Keep in mind that most of Sealy’s mattresses come in multiple possible firmness levels. If you like the sound of one mattress but want something that’s softer or firmner, then you should check out their website to see what your options are (or check out our alternatives!), as you might just find what you’re looking for. We’ll assume the base model that we covered the construction of in each of these entries.

Conform Firmness, Feel, and Support

The Conform Essentials Upbeat has a medium firm feel of about a 7 on a scale from 1 to 10. This firmness is about the standard that most US sleepers expect and prefer. That makes it a good option for most people.

The feel for this mattress is pretty good. Sealy has done a good job of combining the different layers and materials to produce a sensation that’s soft but stable at the same time. The top foam layers are very responsive and start conforming to your body quickly when you change positions. Moreover, the cover does an excellent job of distributing your weight evenly across the mattress. As a result, you feel more secure and comfortable while sleeping.

In terms of support, the Conform Essentials Upbeat is better than many all-foam mattresses on the market today. Sealy’s technique of layering different materials and using a tightly stretched cover to distribute your weight means you get support for pressure points when and where you need it. The end result is a comfortable mattress with good support.

Response Firmness, Feel, and Support

The feel for the Sealy Rio Blanco is medium firm. We put it at a 6.5-7 on our 10-point scale. The upper layers do a good job of creating a soft initial sensation while the next layers ease you on to the support system of pocketed coils.

The feel of this mattress is very pleasant. It goes from a soft initial feel to one where the mattress is clearly taking your body weight. This is the result of the way the foam holds your body in alignment to avoid antagonizing your pressure points.

In terms of support, the Rio Blanco does about as well as one would expect from a hybrid mattress. Mattresses that mix a foam and coil support system are almost always very good at providing support, as each of its components gets to benefit from the qualities of the other components.

Hybrid Firmness, Feel, and Support

The Sealy Hybrid Essentials Trust II mattress is on the firmer side of things, coming in at a 7.5 to 8 on our ten point scale. That means it’s a good option for heavier sleepers or people with health conditions that require a firmer mattress. The initial feel of the mattress is nice, but there’s a noticeable pushback from the tightly stretched cover and top layers. This feeling settles after a second of laying on it as your body slides into alignment.

The feel for this mattress is a good one for sleepers that prefer higher firmness. The edge support system that Sealy uses is particularly effective. As a result, sleepers get to use the entire surface of the mattress without feeling like they’re about to fall out of bed.

Finally, this hybrid mattress does a pretty good job of providing support. One thing we like is the coil count you get on this mattress. A queen mattress has 911 pocketed coils. The pocketed nature of the coils means that they don’t transfer motion when you move while you sleep like traditional innerspring mattresses do. It still has more motion transfer than a completely foam mattress though.

The pocketed coils do a good job providing support to your pressure points. They help the upper foam layers with the sort of pushback that they need to ensure your body settles into its proper alignment and stays there for the rest of the night.

Sealy Mattress Review
© Sealy

The Pros of Sealy

Sealy is one of the most well-known mattress companies around. They offer an impressive selection of different mattress types that are designed to complement various sleeping styles. In addition, they offer a standard warranty on all their products based on the mattress type.

Sealy’s selection also comes in a variety of different price points. This provides a greater degree of variety for potential customers. In addition, Sealy is known for its quality craftsmanship. Sealy also offers mattresses that are designed to support good posture.

In addition, Sealy offers a warranty that doesn’t require some of the typical steps that are required by competitors. Their warranty does not require an inspection to be paid for by the customer. This is a great plus for many customers.

  • Several different material choices are available
  • Standard warranty matches that of competitors
  • Mattresses are designed to complement many different sleeping styles
  • Posturepedic series is designed to provide optimum posture support
  • Warranty exceeds that of many competitors

The Cons of Sealy

Sealy is known for its quality design and craftsmanship. However, there are a few drawbacks based on the construction material Sealy uses in some of its mattresses. Spring mattresses are prone to sagging and memory foam mattresses have a tendency to release an initial odor.

In addition, the overall lifespan of spring-based mattresses is significantly below that of other varieties like memory foam. This can create dissatisfaction for some of those who end up purchasing one of these mattresses.

Below are the main cons of Sealy.

  • Initial odor is possible with memory foam mattresses
  • Spring-based mattresses are prone to sagging


Sealy provides an impressive product selection that is perfectly designed to suit a variety of sleeping patterns. They offer multiple varieties like spring-based, memory foam, latex, and hybrids. In addition, they have a warranty that does not require inspections to be paid by the customer.

The impressive product selection and excellent warranty make Sealy an excellent choice for customers. With appropriate research, you can definitely find a Sealy mattress that is perfectly suited for your sleeping style.

Alternatives to Sealy

Sealy has a lot of good mattresses, almost too many in some cases. However, Sealy can be rather expensive, and there are some other options you should consider to ensure you get the best bang for your mattress buck.

Additionally, all of these alternatives let you try out their mattresses for at least 100 night to make sure that the mattress you’ve got is the one you want. That means you can try these out and then get a Sealy if you don’t like them – all at no risk to you.


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