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What You Need to Know:


The Secure Beginnings Breathable crib mattress is an eco-friendly, comfortable crib mattress that provides both a safe and cozy sleep environment for babies and toddlers. This mattress is unique as its covering also serves as a crib sheet and consumers do not need to put a crib sheet on this mattress.


This product is on the higher side of price, averaging about $399 to $450, depending on where you purchase the mattress. As many crib mattresses are often cheaper than this one, this specific mattress may not be the first option for many buyers.


The Secure Beginnings Breathable crib mattress is unique in itself. It comes with a 30-day return policy should the consumer not be satisfied with the product. It Is comprised of two pieces, both a crib base and firm crib mattress. The space between the mattress itself and the crib base allows for the baby to breath in oxygen-rich air in the case that he or she sleeps on his or her stomach. It also features 3D medical grade spacer fabric on the outside of the mattress that has been shown to dry 50% quicker than a thin cotton mattress sheet. Furthermore, the mattress is not treated with any chemicals for fireproofing or waterproofing. The crib base is even constructed using recycled milk jugs.


The Secure Beginnings Breathable crib mattress can be purchased directly from the Secure Beginnings website as well as from the following online and major retailers:

  • Houzz
  • Babies R’Us/Toys R’Us
  • BuyBuy Baby
  • Wayfair
  • All + Modern
  • Slumbersome

First-time buyers can also receive 30% off their order when they purchase the Secure Beginnings Breathable Crib Mattress directly from the Secure Beginnings website.


The Secure Beginnings breathable crib mattress is on the higher end of price but makes a great option for individuals with a more flexible budget. The mattress can be purchased directly from Secure Beginnings for $399.99 and purchasers can receive 30% off of their order. The bed can also be purchased from various online and major retailers from $400 to $450.00.


The Secure Beginnings Breathable crib mattress boasts a 3.4 star rating on Amazon however the reviews are very positive and informative. Many buyers state how easy the mattress cover is to wash and it makes keeping it clean a breeze. As highlighted by many buyers, the breathable feature of this mattress helps to ease parent’s worry with their children sleeping on their stomach. The rolled sides also help to prevent babies from getting their hands wedged in between the side of the crib and the mattress. The reviews available on Amazon and other retailer websites help to provide accurate opinions and reviews of the Secure Beginnings Breathable crib mattress from real consumers to potential consumers.