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Sheet Reviews

Having the best bed in the world isn’t going to matter if your sheets are scratchy and itchy. Having the right set of sheets is an important part to making sure your bed is as comfortable as possible. After all, the reason you spend so much money getting the bed that has the right kind of softness, comfort, and support is that you want a restful sleep with minimal movement.

The more you move around in your sleep, the less you are getting the benefits of the mattress you paid for. Itchy sheets can thus ruin the support you get from your bed, causing you to adopt unnatural positions and throw your neck and spine out of alignment. As a result, you might have paid thousands of dollars for your new mattress, but won’t see any results.

In order to prevent this from happening, we’ve put together a list of the best sheets we can find. In the course of reviewing so many mattresses, we’ve also gotten a chance to sample a good number of sheets. You’ll find sheets at all different price points and constructed from all different materials.

Some of the options on the list are all-natural or 100% organic, and they make a great choice for individuals with sensitive skin or those who are concerned about sustainable living. You’ll also find sheets made from the latest in synthetic fibers, including a few that use the same sort of high-tech polyester you see in the most modern athletic equipment, used by professional athletes all over the world.

Take a look at the list to find the sheets you want to compare, and soon you’ll be laying peacefully in bed, comfortable as can be!


Name Description Price Rating
Brooklinen 100% cotton construction $109 A+
Purple Made from bamboo and polyester combo $114 A+
Sheex Performance polyester construction, just like athletic wear $179 A+
Malouf Fine Linens 100% high-grade tencel $179 A+
Nest Bedding All-Natural Bamboo $99 A+
Bedgear Made with athletic-quality performance polyester $195 A
Naturepedic Spun from 100% organic cotton $239 A-
Quickzip 100% high-quality cotton $165 A-
Bedface 100% high-quality cotton $157 A-
Cariloha Bamboo Made from bamboo viscose $179 A-
Sol 100% all-natural organic cotton $128 A-
Parachute 100% luxury Egyptian cotton $145 A-
Authenticity 50 100% USA cotton $169 A-
Nest Bedding 100% all-natural organic cotton $179 A-
Malouf Fine Linens Blend of cotton and polyester $70 B+
Nile Threads 100% luxury Egyptian cotton $174 B
Dream Fit 100% tencel $319 B
Sachi 100% high-quality cotton $204 B
Casper 100% high-quality cotton $180 B
Snowe 100% high-quality cotton $275 B


Bedding Reviews

It takes more than sheets to make a bed, you also want to have a blanket to keep you warm. We’ve listed a couple of our favorite blankets we’ve seen so you can get a better idea of what’s on the market and make sure your bed is as snug as possible.

Name Description Price Rating
Leesa Blanket is made from 70% polyester, 17% viscose, and 13% nylon for a unique feel $149 A+
QBedding Blanket – constructed from 100% high-quality microfiber fleece $32 A+