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We have an affiliate relationship with and receive compensation from companies whose products we review on this site. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.
We have an affiliate relationship with and receive compensation from companies whose products we review on this site. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

Sheet Reviews

Jake Comfort  |  Updated: January 2024

Jake Comfort  |  Updated: January 2024

We have an affiliate relationship with and receive compensation from companies whose products we review on this site. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

It’s certainly important to have a great mattress. However, even the best mattress can be ruined by bad sheets.

Why You Need Good Sheets

Sheets don’t get nearly the attention they should, given how important they are to your sleep experience. After all, the first think you feel when you get into bed is the sheet. Moreover, most people sleep between sheets. That means most of the feeling you’re going to experience on your skin while you’re in bed comes from your sheets.

As a result, the wrong set of sheets can ruin an otherwise great night of sleep. Sheets that are itchy, too hot, too rough, or just don’t feel right can take away from any bed. Additionally, sheets that contain materials you’re allergic to might not be merely uncomfortable but can be a health emergency.

That’s why we’ve put together this helpful guide to some of the best sheets. We’ve broken up the different types of sheets into categories. We’ll explain what each category is, and then we’ll give a couple of examples of sheets in that category. Use this information to find the perfect set of sheets to help enhance your mattress and take it to the next level.

Brooklinen100% cotton construction$109A+
PurpleMade from bamboo and polyester combo$114A+
SheexPerformance polyester construction, just like athletic wear$179A+
Malouf Fine Linens100% high-grade tencel$179A+
Nest BeddingAll-Natural Bamboo$99A+
BedgearMade with athletic-quality performance polyester$195A
NaturepedicSpun from 100% organic cotton$239A-
Quickzip100% high-quality cotton$165A-
Bedface100% high-quality cotton$157A-
Cariloha BambooMade from bamboo viscose$179A-
Sol100% all-natural organic cotton$128A-
Parachute100% luxury Egyptian cotton$145A-
Authenticity 50100% USA cotton$169A-
Nest Bedding100% all-natural organic cotton$179A-
Malouf Fine LinensBlend of cotton and polyester$70B+
Nile Threads100% luxury Egyptian cotton$174B
Dream Fit100% tencel$319B
Sachi100% high-quality cotton$204B
Casper100% high-quality cotton$180B
Snowe100% high-quality cotton$275B

Bedding Reviews

It takes more than sheets to make a bed, you also want to have a blanket to keep you warm. We’ve listed a couple of our favorite blankets we’ve seen so you can get a better idea of what’s on the market and make sure your bed is as snug as possible.

LeesaBlanket is made from 70% polyester, 17% viscose, and 13% nylon for a unique feel$149A+
QBeddingBlanket – constructed from 100% high-quality microfiber fleece$32A+

Different Sheet Categories

There are lots of different types of sheets on the market today. We’ve created five different categories of sheets to help break things down and make it easier to find the right set for you. Keep in mind, these category terms aren’t universal, so we recommend clicking directly to the examples we’ve listed instead of trying to search the internet by using the category names.

Luxury Sheets

Luxury sheets are the top-of-the-line sheet option. These are the type of sheets that you’d expect to find at the nicest hotels around the world. Luxury sheets are noted for their high-thread count, quality materials, and the unique feel they give you when you get into bed. Let’s look at some of the best luxury sheet options you can buy today.


Brooklinen sheets are a great example of what you should expect from a set of luxury sheets. These sheets are made from 100% long-staple cotton. As a result, the material is very breathable without feeling flimsy. Moreover, they come with a 270 thread count. That gives them a very soft and durable feel.

You can get Brooklinen sheets in 15 different styles. That means they’re bound to have a style that matches your bedroom. You don’t need to sacrifice style for quality when you’re getting Brooklinen sheets.

Pricing: A set of sheets from Brooklinen will cost you between $99 and $149, depending on what size of sheet you need.

Best For: Brooklinen sheets are great for people who love the crisp freshness that they get from the beds at the nicest hotels.

Frette 1860

Frette 1860 sheets are sateen woven, giving them a lustrous sheen and a feeling that closely resembles silk.

However, Frette sheets aren’t made from silk. Instead, Frette uses extra-long staple cotton to construct their luxurious sheets. The “extra” in that description may sound like it’s just there to make the sheets sound better, but it really does mean a lot.

That’s because the length of the cotton fibers used goes a long way when it comes to determining the quality of the material. When combined with Frette’s world-renowned sateen weave technique, these sheets get taken to the next level.

Another endearing aspect of Frette sheets is that they have a signature double-open hemstitch that borders pillowcases and the top of the flat-sheet. As a result, the sheets look great and add a dash of class to any bedroom.

Pricing: Expect to pay between $895 and $1,150 for sheets from Frette 1860. They are luxury sheets, after all, and are used in the most expensive hotels in the world.

Best For: Frette sheets are best for sleepers who have to have the absolute best and aren’t willing to make any compromises.

Environmentally Friendly Sheets

Environmentally friendly sheets are becoming more popular every day. That’s because people are realizing that their purchasing decisions can have a direct effect on the environment. These sheets are made from sustainable and/or renewable materials. As a result, they have a much smaller environmental footprint while still providing you with a restful night’s sleep.


Bamboo is one of the best-known ecologically friendly materials. It grows incredibly quickly and can grow in almost any environment. That makes it a great option for a material for sheets for those who are concerned about the environmental footprint of their sleeping habits.

While other sheet companies use bamboo in their sheets, Layla is one of the very few companies that uses 100% bamboo. Specifically, these use viscose from bamboo to make their bedding. This material produces a wonderful light shine. As a result, they can really help a bedroom pop when you look at it.

Additionally, the sheets are body-conforming. That helps make them extra comfortable while you sleep and prevents you from getting tangled in the sheets during the night.

Finally, bamboo viscose creates an extremely durable, breathable sheet. That means they’re excellent at helping you keep cool while ensuring that you get the security and comfort you’re looking for.

Pricing: Layla Bamboo Sheets cost between $125 and $225 depending on the size of your bed.

Best for: These sheets are ideal for sleepers that want a silky sheen to their sheets while still getting a soft, breathable fabric to keep them cool and dry.

Boll & Branch

Our favorite option for sheets from Boll & Branch is the solid hemmed sheet set. These sheets are made from 100% organic long-staple cotton. They’re made with a sateen weave to give them a smooth, silky feel, and have a 300 thread count.

However, what makes these sheets different from other options is that they’re made from 100% organic cotton. Additionally, Boll & Branch uses fair trade manufacturing. That means the people harvesting the cotton are paid a living wage. As a result, purchasing sheets from Boll & Branch can help you sleep easier at night knowing that your rest is ethically sourced.

Moreover, just to show how far Boll & Branch go to make sure their products are environmentally friendly, even the gift box the sheets are packaged in is made from recycled material.

Pricing: The price of Boll & Branch’s solid hemmed sheet set will cost from $200 to $295, depending on the size of the sheets you need.

Best for: These sheets are ideal for eco-conscious sleepers that want a light and silky feel without causing harm.

Value Sheets

You don’t need to spend a huge pile of money to get an excellent set of sheets. These companies produce sheets that are affordable while also offering unique qualities and a great feel!


Purple, the company known for their innovative mattresses, also makes some great sheets. These sheets are constructed from a combination of spandex and bamboo viscose. That makes them extra stretchy and breathable without sacrificing durability or comfort.

Additionally, the combination of bamboo viscose and spandex means that these sheets are some of the best when it comes to wicking away moisture from your body while you sleep. The use of bamboo viscose adds an extra level of quality that you won’t find in other value sheet sets.

However, bamboo can be an expensive material for sheets. But that’s what makes the Purple sheet so appealing: it’s the least expensive quality bamboo sheet option that we’ve reviewed. Many people already know that Purple make great beds. However, it might be time for people to discover the glory of Purple’s sheets.

Pricing: Purple sheets run from $99 to $129. That makes them extremely affordable when you consider the high-quality materials and wonderful feel these sheets produce.

Best for: Purple sheets are best for those looking for a high-quality sheet without breaking the bank.


Casper sheets are a great demonstration of how you don’t need to sacrifice quality to save money. For example, Casper’s Cool Supima Sheet set is made from 100% Supima cotton, which ranks with Egyptian cotton in terms of its softness and durability.

Another thing that you get with Supima cotton is an incredibly smooth feel. It’s similar to silk without having the sheet or slippery feeling you sometimes get with silk sheets. That makes them a perfect option for people who feel like they should love silk sheets, but can’t seem to enjoy them when they have them.

Casper’s Supima sheets are also good if you’re looking for a breathable material. The cotton used in the sheets is known for being durable without being dense. That means the sheets allow a good amount of airflow. As a result, they’ll help you sleep cooler.

Pricing: Casper’s Supima sheets cost between $100 and $170 depending on the size.

Best For: Sleepers looking for the right combination of durability, breathability, smoothness, and softness.

Linen Sheets

Linen is one of the first fabrics humans discovered. It’s made from flax fibers, which produce a light sheen and are incredibly soft. Moreover, linen is one of the most breathable natural fabrics around. That makes linen sheets highly desirable for many sleepers.

Magic Linen

Magic Linen makes some of the most amazing linen sheets we’ve ever gotten our hands on. They use 100% natural flax fibers which are sustainably sourced. Moreover, they aren’t blended with cotton, wool, spandex, or any other fibers. As a result, they’re 100% natural. That makes them a great option for people with sensitive skin or lots of allergies to natural and created fabrics.

Magic Linen sheets are stone washed, which makes the sheets smoother than you’d get with other types of linen. That means they’re soft instead of course while providing lots of breathability.

Pricing: The cost ranges from $209 to 309 depending on the size of your bed.

Best For: People who love linen’s unique soft-but-coarse feel.

Cooling Sheets

It’s important to stay cool while you sleep. After all, studies show that staying cool helps you sleep deeper and feel more rested when you wake up. Cooling sheets are specially designed to help you stay cool while you sleep.


Our favorite cooling sheets are made by Saatva – the Lofton Sheet Set.

These sheets have a lovely luster to them while offering supreme breathability. That means they wick moisture and heat away from your body while you rest. The 100% long-staple organic cotton is strong and durable, and the fabric produces a very comfortable body-conforming drape while you’re laying under it.

Pricing: These sheets cost between $125 and $215 depending on the size.

Best For: Saatva’s Lofton Sheet Set is best for people that want the comfort and sheen of sateen but also need extra cooling power to stay comfortable.

Picking the Right Set of Sheets

Now that you’ve got a better idea of what kinds of sheets are on the market and what each one has to offer, it’s time to pick the right set of sheets for you. We’ll walk you though the process to ensure that you get the best sleep experience possible.

Determine Your Priorities

The first step to choosing a set of sheets is to determine what’s most important for you. Is it softness? Cooling? Ecologically sustainable materials? Rank your priorities in order. You can use your list with our handy sheet reviews to make sure you’re only looking at sheets that meet your needs.

Compare Prices

The next step is to compare prices. Make sure you check with the manufacturer directly as well as various online and brick-and-mortar stores. Sometimes specific brands of sheets are only sold by the manufacturer or in specific stores. Other types of sheets can be found anywhere that bedding is sold.

Compare the different prices you find. Make sure to have a few different options for sheets to look up. After all, a sheet set that delivers 95% of what you want and costs half of what a sheet set that has 100% of what you’re looking for is still a great deal.

Order Your Sheets!

Once you’ve found the sheet sets you want and have found the best price, the final thing to do is order your sheets. Make sure you’re aware of any cleaning and washing instructions the sheets come with. After all, it’d be a shame if your luxurious Egyptian cotton sheets get shrunk in the wash and no longer fit on your bed.

As you can see, there are plenty of sheet options. Make sure to use this guide and our handy sheet reviews to make sure you’re getting the right set of sheets for your needs.