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We have an affiliate relationship with and receive compensation from companies whose products we review on this site. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.
We have an affiliate relationship with and receive compensation from companies whose products we review on this site. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

Sleepys Mattress Reviews

Jake Comfort  |  Updated: August 2019

The recent surge in mattress-in-a-box products on the market has created a lot of stirs. One of the biggest impacts of this new force in the mattress market has been traditional mattress retailers coming out with new products to stay competitive.

Sleepys is a great example of one such product. This brand is wholly owned by the retail brand Mattress Firm. They’ve got a large range of mattress offerings, including pocketed coil, innerspring, and foam designs. As a result, the brand is designed to have something for everyone. However, the question remains, are they any good to sleep on? We’ll seek to answer that question and more in this review.

Sleepys Mattress Reviews

Sleepys Brand Mattress Reviews

One thing that’s important to note before we start is that there are lots of different reviews for Sleepys mattresses. Some of these reviews may or may not be accurate, as the different options that Sleepys offers can create some confusion for individual customers.

Another thing to note is that you should be sure any reviews you’re reading are about the Sleepys brand specifically. There’s been some shady marketing by newer mattress companies, and some of that effort has gone towards attacking companies like mattress firm. That means you should take every review with a grain of salt and only rely on trusted sources for information about the brand.


We’ll cover an example of every kind of mattress that Sleepys offers. Use this section to find the mattress option you’re considering and see how it’s made. We’ll also do our level best to explain how the different construction methods and materials affect the sleep experience you get.

It’s also important to keep in mind that there are several more options from Sleepys than just the choices you see here. So if one of these options sounds good, but you’d like something a bit different, then you should check out their website or a local store to see if one of the similar products it the mattress you’ve been dreaming of.

Sleepys Cool Mattress Reviews – Construction

The first mattress we’ll look at is also the most popular Sleepys product – their Cool Mattress. It’s a memory foam mattress that has some interesting and innovative features.

The first layer of the Sleepys Cool Mattress is made from a phase-change gel-infused material. This foam is specially engineered to help remove excess heat while you sleep. The phase change material is also very responsive. That means the material’s qualities change based on how warm it is. Moreover, the gel-infusion creates additional air channels throughout the layer. This added ventilation helps remove heat and moisture to keep your comfortable while you sleep.

The second layer of the mattress is constructed from 3” of contouring memory foam. this type of memory foam is specially designed to help reduce pressure points. It achieves this be responding to the weight and heat of your body, allowing it to provide more support when and where you need it without ruining the comfortable softness you expect from a memory foam mattress.

The bottom layer is made from 9” of high-density support foam. This foam works to keep pressure off your spine and cradle your body in a way that helps your posture while you sleep. That means fewer aches and pains in the morning and less tossing and turning at night.

Sleepys Mattress Reviews

Sleepys Clam Memory Foam Mattress Reviews – Construction

The next offering from Sleepys we’ll look at is their Calm Memory Foam mattress.

One thing that helps the construction of this mattress stand out against competitors is the fact that it features a Euro-top knit cover. This cover has additional padding quilted into it. That means you get an excellent initial soft sensation when you get into the bed. The cover is very stylish, featuring a two-tone, three-layer design.

The first layer of the bed itself is made from a thin sheet of embrace foam. This foam provides some of the best body-contouring properties we’ve experienced. It feels like the mattress is giving you a gentle hug to welcome you to bed.

The second layer and third layers are constructed from thin foam layers that gradually increase in density. These layers work as transitionary elements to help your body ease in to the fourth layer. They also work to enhance and maintain the comfortable feeling you get from the top layer.

The next substantial layer is towards the middle of the mattress. This is a memory lumber support. This additional lumbar support helps your spine and back alignment without pushing your shoulders or hips into an award position. This additional feature makes the Clam from Sleepys a potential option for individuals with back problems that are having a hard time finding a mattress that works for them.

The final layer is made from high-density support foam. This foam layer helps distribute the support systems of the upper layers across the whole surface of the mattress. As a result, it works to make the mattress a good option for any kind of sleeper, side, belly, or back.

Sleepys Encased Coil Mattress Reviews – Construction

The final mattress we’ll look at is the encased coil mattress. This mattress comes in several different height options. Thicker mattresses will have more foam layers, while the thinner options will have fewer foam layers.

The cover of this mattress is made from a blend of synthetic fabrics that are designed to facilitate airflow while removing heat and moisture from the body. It’s durable and stretchy, while providing a soft, quilted surface for your first contact with the bed.

The top comfort layer is made from 2 foam layers. These work to relieve tension and pressure from the body. We found that they were particularly good at creating a soft transition for shoulder and neck pressure points to get the support they need.

The third section of this mattress is made from a half-inch layer of a cooling memory foam. Included the gel-infused memory foam as an internal layer is an interesting strategy. It means that there’s more airflow in the center of the mattress, which will help remove heat from the whole mattress, rather than simply removing heat from the top layers of the mattress.

The fourth section is the final foam layer. It’s made from one inch of high density support foam. This foam is made from soy, making it sustainable, while also providing support for your body’s various pressure points.

The fifth section of this mattress consists of a series of 6” nested pocketed coils. The fact that these are nested and pocketed instead of using traditional innerspring construction techniques means that you’ll get the feel and support of traditional innerspring mattresses without the motion transfer problems that these mattresses are famous for.

Finally, the bottom layer and sides of the mattress are made from high density support foam. the bottom layer of foam further helps to reduce motion transfer while providing a soft and stable base for the pocketed coils. The extra support foam on the sides of the bed enhance the edge support. That means you can use more of the bed’s surface area without feeling like you’re about to fall out of bed.

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Firmness, Feel, and Support

The range of mattress that you can find at Sleepys, plus the different options you can get on each type of mattress, mean that there’s no single firmness rating we can offer. We can say that the mattresses are designed to appeal to the average sleeper, which means you should expect a firmness that rates in the 6-8 range on a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the firmest.

One thing that can help you determine what option is best for you is to keep in mind that the way the mattresses are constructed, thicker mattresses are less firm. Therefore, you can work out what mattress option is based for you operating from the assumption that the middle thickness will have a firmness of about 7.5 on our scale.

The feel of each mattress is distinct. However, each is comfortable in their own way. One of the things we liked about the different options from Sleepys is that there’s a lot of attention paid to making sure you get to enjoy the softness of the mattress while also getting the support you need. Sleepys does some of the most intricate layering work we’ve seen in modern mattresses, and the feel of each mattress shows.

No matter what option you pick, you get an initial soft, comfortable feeling. You’re also gradually eased on to the support layers. However, this transition doesn’t take so long that you have a constant sinking feeling while you’re starting to fall asleep.

In terms of support, Sleepys mattresses offer some of the best options outside of specialized mattresses. The multiple layers of different types of foam and, where applicable, spring construction provide an excellent feeling of support. Moreover, Sleepys has taken the extra time to ensure that back and neck support don’t come at the cost of hip and shoulder pain. That’s one of the things we like most about the different offerings from Sleepys.

Sinkage and Motion Transfer

The sinkage and motion transfer tests we did were all resounding successes for Sleepys. For all of the mattresses we looked at, the sinkage worked on the exact kind of curve you want for a good night’s sleep. Initial sinkage for smaller weights was moderate, and the sinkage got deeper at a much slower rate than the increase in weight.

That sounds pretty complicated, but basically it means that Sleepys mattresses will give you a good soft feeling without letting out fall deep into the bed itself. Moreover, these kinds of sinkage results are a good indicator that Sleepys beds are designed to last awhile. That means you can get more value for your money.

Motion transfer is another area where the Sleepys mattress excels. The foam mattress had virtually no motion transfer, which is in line with other foam mattresses. However, the innerspring and encased coil mattresses did a great job of limiting motion transfer. We were especially impressed by the way the extra bottom and edge support foam of the encased coil mattress helped reduce motion transfer.

The innerspring mattress did have a bit more motion transfer than the other options. However, the way that the support foam and Verticoil springs are designed and put together, you don’t get nearly as much transfer as you’d expect on a traditional innerspring mattress.

Pricing and Other Information

The cost you pay for a Sleepys mattress can change based on where you get it from. They are available at all of the retail stores under the Mattress Firm umbrella, including Mattress Firm, Mattress Warehouse, and The Mattress Factory. You can also order the mattresses directly from Sleepys website.

That being said, we’ll give you the price ranges on the Sleepys website for each mattress so you can see how the competition stacks up and ensure you’re actually getting a deal.

Innerspring Mattress: Basic – $149 – $549, Relax – $899 – $1,599. Rest – $299 – $899

Foam Mattress: Clam – $199 – $599, Cool – $899 – $1,599, Essential – $199 – $599

Encased Coil Mattress: Hush – $699 – $1,599, Reserve – $1,199 – $2,199, Slumber – $899 – $1,699.

Should You Buy a Sleepys Mattress?

It’s rare that we say this, but probably. If you see a Sleepys mattress that appeals to you, then we encourage you to check it out. Generally, Sleepys mattresses offer more features and better performance for their price range than the competition. Sure, there are better mattresses out there, but we’re not confident that there’s a better mattress out there at the same price.

The only reasons that you shouldn’t at least consider a mattress from Sleepys is if you need specialized support, adjustable mattresses, or are shopping in a much higher or lower price range. The number of options, the ease of understanding the different options, and the high-quality materials and construction make Sleepys mattress a reliable choice for most consumers.

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