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Stearns and Foster mattresses have been praised for the relatively luxurious material used to create them. While not being the most expensive mattresses to be found on the market, these mattresses have been well-received for their upscale aesthetic appeal. The following are some of the qualities to consider about Stearns and Foster mattresses if considering one for a purchase.

Material Composition

Stearns and Foster mattress variations are designed with latex, wool, silk, cashmere, micro-coils, gel foam and regular foam as options for the cover and comfort layers. The supportive foundation of the mattress comes in the form of either latex or a series of wrapped coils.

Motion Isolation

These mattresses have been praised for having a relatively satisfying level of motion isolation. Because of the mattress’s ability to absorb movement, it’s easy to dismount it and adjust your sleeping position without disturbing another person sleeping in it at the same time.


Stearns and Foster mattresses have been praised for their contouring ability. After owners have slept on it consistently, the mattress gradually molds to the contour of their body and cradles them. The mattress’s contouring occurs without creating pressure, and for the most part, the owners have reported that is molding physics are above average in general.


There are three different variations of the mattress to choose from: the soft variation, medium tension, and maximum firmness. Owners have reported that Stearns and Foster mattresses provide a generally satisfying level of support overall, though at the same time, the quality of the support can be hampered by gradual sagging towards the middle. Some owners have reported that while sagging may occur towards the middle of the mattress, the amount of support provided by the edge of the mattress is sufficiently satisfying.

Back Pain

For the most part, the majority of owners haven’t reported feeling any exacerbation of their back pain due to the mattress. 15 percent of owners, however, did report that the mattress caused a certain amount of back pain to emerge.

Longevity and Durability

While the design and appearance of the mattresses have been received relatively well, there has been some slightly criticism directed at the longevity and durability of the mattress. Some owners have also reported that the size and density of the mattress made it slightly challenging to pick up and move.

Movement resistance

The Stearns and Foster mattresses on the thicker and softer sides have been reported to provide a higher-than-normal degree of movement resistance.

Ease of getting on and off of the mattress

While the mattress does resist changing positions relatively well, its height may pose a potential challenge to users who are a bit on the shorter side. The frames are generally 13 to 17.5 inches high on averages, which can mean that shorter users may be wise to have something that can be used to easily step on and step off the mattress.

Heat trapping potential

Stearns and Foster mattresses are designed with material optimized for moisture wicking. For the most part, the softer mattresses have a slightly greater capacity for trapping heat than the firmer models; for this reason, owners who have a greater preference for slightly warmer sleeping conditions. About 6 percent of owners have reported that their Stearns and Foster mattresses have a relatively high level of heat retention compared to the firmer designs.


Stearns and Foster mattresses possess decent contouring ability, heat trapping potential, movement resistance and motion isolation. Be advised that these mattresses are on the taller and thicker side, which could affect the ease of moving the mattress and getting on or off of it for some owners.