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We have an affiliate relationship with and receive compensation from companies whose products we review on this site. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.
We have an affiliate relationship with and receive compensation from companies whose products we review on this site. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

What to Do if Airbnb Has Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a common nuisance that can ruin any vacation or trip. Unfortunately, even the most well-maintained accommodations can sometimes be infested with these pesky insects. If you discover bed bugs in your Airbnb, it’s essential to take immediate action to prevent them from hitching a ride back home with you. Here are some steps you should follow if you encounter bed bugs during your stay:

1. Document the evidence: The first thing you should do is gather evidence of the bed bugs. Take clear pictures or videos of the bugs, their bites, and any stains or fecal matter they may have left behind. This documentation will be crucial when filing a complaint or seeking compensation.

2. Notify the host: Contact your Airbnb host immediately and inform them about the bed bug infestation. Be polite but firm, explaining the situation and providing your evidence. In most cases, hosts will take immediate action to address the problem and may even offer you a refund or alternative accommodation.

3. Request a move: If the infestation is severe or the host doesn’t take appropriate action, request a move to another Airbnb property. Airbnb’s customer service can assist you in finding a suitable alternative and may even provide financial compensation for the inconvenience caused.

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4. Protect your belongings: Don’t let the bed bugs hitch a ride back home with you. Keep your luggage off the floor and away from the bed or furniture. Store your belongings in sealed plastic bags or use luggage encasements specifically designed to prevent bed bugs from infesting your items.

5. Launder your clothes: Upon leaving the infested Airbnb, wash all your clothes, even those you didn’t wear, in hot water. High temperatures will kill any bed bugs or eggs that may have attached themselves to your garments. Alternatively, you can seal your clothes in plastic bags until you can wash them.

6. Inspect your belongings: Thoroughly inspect your luggage and personal belongings before leaving the Airbnb. Pay close attention to seams, pockets, and zippers where bed bugs may hide. If you find any signs of bed bugs, consider treating your items with a bed bug spray or contacting a professional exterminator.

7. File a complaint: If the host fails to address the bed bug issue or provide appropriate compensation, you can file a complaint with Airbnb. Provide all the evidence you gathered, including pictures, videos, and any communication with the host. Airbnb takes these complaints seriously and will take appropriate action to resolve the situation.

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Common Questions and Answers:

Q1. How can I tell if an Airbnb has bed bugs before booking?
A1. It’s challenging to know for sure, but reading previous guest reviews and looking for any mentions of bed bugs can give you some indication. Additionally, carefully inspecting the listing’s pictures for signs of infestations, such as bloodstains or dark spots on mattresses, can be helpful.

Q2. Can I get a refund if I find bed bugs in my Airbnb?
A2. Yes, Airbnb has a Guest Refund Policy that covers instances where the accommodation is not as described or is unclean, including cases of bed bug infestations.

Q3. Can I leave a negative review for an Airbnb with bed bugs?
A3. Absolutely. Leaving an honest and detailed review about your experience, including any bed bug issues, can help future guests make informed decisions and encourage the host to take necessary actions to resolve the problem.

Q4. Can I sue the host or Airbnb for a bed bug infestation?
A4. While legal action is possible, it should be considered a last resort. Attempt to resolve the issue amicably by contacting the host and Airbnb customer service first.

Q5. Can I bring my own bed bug spray to an Airbnb?
A5. It’s best to consult with the host before bringing any pesticides or insecticides to their property. Some may have specific policies or concerns about chemical usage.

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Q6. How long do bed bugs live without a blood meal?
A6. Bed bugs can survive for several months without feeding. It’s crucial to take immediate action upon discovering an infestation to prevent them from spreading and multiplying.

Q7. Can I prevent bed bugs from infesting my home after staying in an infested Airbnb?
A7. Yes, by following the steps mentioned earlier, such as laundering your clothes in hot water, inspecting your belongings, and taking precautions with your luggage, you can minimize the risk of bringing bed bugs home with you.