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Wolf Mattress Company makes several different products aside from mattresses, including futons, toppers, and cotton batting. But, of course, they are known for their traditional and hybrid mattresses, and generally, they receive only positive reviews. Below, you’ll find both good and bad reviews of Wolf Mattresses to help you choose the right mattress that provides both comfort and convenience.

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The Good Reviews

Many happy customers on Amazon, Wayfair, Overstock, and Walmart are pleased with both the comfort level and the price of Wolf Mattresses. On Amazon, one customer says, “This item was a good buy. It was delivered on time and at a great price. The packaging was [also] efficient…” Several other reviews described the packaging as economic, compressed, and easy to open. They commended Wolf for making the process so easy.

Another positive aspect of the Wolf mattress is that it works for two different types of sleepers – those who like soft beds, and those who like something more firm. One person says, “I prefer a firm bed and my husband prefers a soft one. This is the perfect medium to satisfy us both.” Another person says, “My husband is 6’5 and I’m 5’3 and we both sleep well. Our four year old also comes in in the night and there is plenty of room for us all. We used to wake up with sore shoulders and hips, now we wake without any pain.”

In summation, the Wolf mattress seems to be well-priced, comfortable for all, and efficiently delivered. As an added benefit, it also relieves back and shoulder pain.

The Bad Reviews

There are not an excess of poor reviews, but several Amazon customers mention that the mattress has a pungent smell, but they also note that it fades over time and is a temporary inconvenience. It’s also worth mentioning that the mattresses are not fireproof, which some customers may not be comfortable with. Another shopper wasn’t happy that Wolf advertised their mattresses as fully reversible, but it is not. But for most people, the mattress is, “…better than expected. The perfect feel and not too firm.”

Overall, Wolf Mattress Company seems like a quality choice to help you get a better night’s sleep and save some money. It’s worth considering on your search for the perfect mattress. Just keep this review of Wolf in mind as you shop: “I haven’t woken up with one problem since sleeping on this mattress, and have slept better than I have for years.”

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