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Novaform Mattress Reviews

Jake Comfort  |  Updated: May 1, 2019

Novaform Mattress Review

When it comes to choosing a high-quality mattress, it is tough to find one that fits you and your lifestyle. Maybe you have searched many stores and seem to find one that satisfies your price quotes, value, and conforming to your body.

Novaform has pleased 77% of their customers worldwide from owner satisfaction, durability, and the friendliness to your body; I give Novaform a thumbs up.

The Good

Novaform has conquered the market such as Costco and Amazon.com. How may you ask? Through the satisfaction of their memory foam mattresses. Their memory foam mattresses have been graded positively such as their price and value. The prices range from $250 to $900. Their popular queen size beds cost an average of $620. Another thing that consumers struggle with is finding a bed that conforms to one’s body or being friendly to certain body areas that haven’t been too kind to them over the years. Novaform creates a mattress that can conform to your body. This relieves pressure off of any aches and pains. So if you are an individual that experiences back pain, shoulder pain, side pain, or even insomnia; this bed has you covered. Like any other memory foam mattress, Novaform’s is graded an “A” for fewer disturbances to one’s partner and no noise when getting up from a beautiful night’s rest. If your mattress is damaged in any shape or form, there is a guaranteed warranty of 20 years on your Novaform memory foam mattress.

The Bad

Not every bed is perfect, so there are some quirks when it comes to Novaform. One thing consumers have expressed negatively is the support of the bed on the sides and edges. Customers have reported not enough support to the point where they would slide or fall off the bed. They have also reported hardening or depressions in the foam mattresses within three years. Another concern is the over-exaggeration when it comes to the softness of the memory foam mattress. Consumers have reported that they are more medium-firm when compressed, so you will need to look into a topper. A topper creates a more softness to your bed and can range from $35 to $500 in price.

The Competition

When it comes to the competition, Novaform is only just a fish in a sea. The many different competitors are Innerspring, Memory Foam, and Air. One mattress that stuck out to me was the brand, Air. With this memory foam mattress, it offers adjustments for firmness and support. Not only can it adjust the whole bed, but if your partner has a particular adjustment for sleeping; they can use it without disturbing your adjustments through customization. Novaform does, however, beat futons and waterbeds right out of the park. Futons negative attributes include too thin or firm for a consumer’s liking and water beds are very high maintenance and can be punctured.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I give Novaform a B- when it comes to being a memory foam mattress investment. It’s positive attributes with being fewer disturbances and creating soft comfort for you and your partner. However, consumers need a mattress that lasts more than three years. Not many people replace their bed that often, so that gives Novaform constructive criticism for their product and how to improve it for the better. I do admire how decently priced these memory foam mattresses are. Not many mattresses lie under $1,000.

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